Spectrum may get over but your idiot box still wants more!


Even after many technological advancements there is one gadget which still captures your attention more than any other gadget in world. There has been no fundamental advancement in Television technology (especially in India) except for the box which has got a makeover. From CRT to Flat Screen to LCD to Plasma to LED and from Terrestrial to Cable to DTH the transformation has never changed the basic ‘idiotic’ nature of Television. And still, it rules!

Here is the latest KPMG-FICCI report on media and entertainment sector:


The report shows that TV industry has reached a size of INR 257 billion last year, a growth of 6.8 percent over 2008 and is expected to grow at the rate of 15 percent over 2010-14 and reach a size of INR 521 billion in 2014. That’s really big, Internet and Gaming industry also showed a robust growth but is way behind this traditional juggernaut.

In other news, Govt finally decided to lift ban from receiving applications from New Channels as TRAI is yet to finalize on their report related to spectrum availability. There are more than 500 Channels in India and looking at the growth rate hundred others are in pipeline.

This made me think- What are the major reasons which still keep us addicted to this traditional idiot box? Here are some of my thoughts, feel free to add yours:

  1. It’s like a family member who entertains you especially when you’re alone- the biggest reason is definitely the emotional attachment. When no one is home I simply switch on my idiot box to make myself believe that I’m not alone at home.
  2. Sometimes you really want your life to be simple- iPod is the simplest music player in this World, who cares about technology if it’s the best in what it does. Television was meant to be an idiot box and it still is the best ‘idiot box’!
  3. Lack of competition- In terms of entertainment gadgets TV faces tough competition from MP3 players, PSPs, Internet etc. But thanks to Indian internet infrastructure, TV still rules when it comes to delivering streaming Video.
  4. Large audience- Indian TV audience is around 400 million. That’s a huge number and the only reason why even international broadcasters want to own a TV Channel in India.
  5. Revenue Opportunity- Money keeps the industry going, and recent IPL revenue numbers can make any other media jealous of Television media.

What are the main reasons which still make you stick to this entertainment media?

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