Media Monday: Who watches IPL? [Report]


I was flipping through some news for Media Monday when my eyes caught this– “Mumbai watches IPL the most, Punjab the least”. But I understood that it’s not the state, in fact Mumbai has a higher probability of getting a better TVR as Indians like to watch “The God” (Sachin) playing anytime on TV. I thought I had a better data to share with you guys- since iDubba is featuring a special IPL alert features these days, we actually could get some useful insights into viewers behaviour using our database and analytics.

Hence I’m going to put down a comparison here- between TVR’s data and iDubba’s data:

As per the news, here is the TVR comparison between various IPL teams:

  1. Mumbai Indians- TVR of 6.2
  2. Kolkata Knight Riders/Royal Challengers Bangalore- TVR of 5.6
  3. Hyderabad (Deccan Chargers)- TVR of 5.2
  4. Delhi Daredevils- TVR of 4.9
  5. Rajasthan Royals- TVR of 4.4
  6. Chennai Super Kings- TVR of 4.2
  7. Kings XI Punjab- TVR of 3.55

Now comes our data- with some unique features like setting player and team specific IPL alerts and an exclusive IPL prediction game we were able to get into the minds of our users and are able to present a detailed report here:

1. Percentage of SMS alerts set for various teams on iDubba:


In the above graph Y-Axis is the percentage of alerts which were set for individual teams on iDubba.

As you can see clearly, the number of alerts set for ‘Mumbai Indians’ surpass any other team by huge number, ‘Deccan chargers’ are 2nd most popular while the least popular team with iDubba’s users seem to be ‘Rajasthan Royals’.

2. Percentage of SMS alerts set for individual players on iDubba:


This Pie-Chart has top 10 players against whom SMS alerts are set on iDubba (i.e. whenever they play on field, iDubba sends them an alert).

Again no marks for guessing the top player here, as ‘Sachin’ would rule any day on Indian cricket data charts :). Interesting facts suggest that ‘Dwayne Bravo’ is actually more popular than ‘Rahul Dravid’ who couldn’t figure in top 10 list. ‘Jacques Kallis’ is the top foreign player among most popular.

3. Users bet on:


On our special IPL Prediction game, we saw the activity biased towards ‘Mumbai’ team again. However the difference is not much since people wanted to take part in as many games as possible.

‘Kolkata Knight Riders’ seem to be the least popular team to bet upon :).

So that was our analytics. I hope that this gives you a better understanding of user’s behaviour towards IPL.

One thing is very clear that viewers haven’t yet got into the mindset of a ‘Team’ concept for IPL. They are very much biased towards individual players. What’s your thought on this?

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