Health care Bill – Will it Change Obama’s Reputation?


We are little late on this one, but I thought we might as well put this across to our readers, as it quite a landmark bill that has been passed by US Legislation.

In a major legislative move that was passed in the House of Representatives through a nail-biting voting majority of 219-212, the United States passed a significant reformist bill, pegged at $940 billion, which will call for a landmark transformation in the US health care system under the leadership of President Obama.

In current scenario, U.S spends more on on healthcare than any other country in the world. Here is an info-graphic that will give you a good idea.


In what could be dubbed as a major overhauling of the US health care system, the new bill aims at providing affordable health care services at reasonably low costs for the citizens of America. The bill is also expected to reduce federal budget deficit to the extent of $143 billion.

The move would make it mandatory for the US citizens to subscribe to the health insurance; and at the same time obligatory for the insurance companies to provide insurance to the Americans irrespective of the gender or any pre-existing medical conditions. Even the employers will require covering their employees, while the self-employed group of people will get the cover at reasonable costs.

The bill makes it compulsory for the Americans to subscribe for insurance or pay a penalty. In a move that could hurt the insurance industry in providing unwavering support to the citizens in the form of unconditional insurance coverage irrespective any pre-existing medical clause, the industry is also expected to ramp up significant new policy sales for a huge untapped low-cost products to poor people.

The bill would require the insurers to keep young adults as beneficiaries on their parents’ health plans until they turn 26. The Bill would make it mandatory for the citizens to buy health insurance either through employer or a government program or better still buying it themselves. This huge program shall also be expanded to adequately cover low –income group of people.

In short, the bill aims to reduce health care costs and extend insurance coverage to nearly 30-40 million of uninsured US citizens. The move will play a big role in boosting healthy competition among insurance service providers for a huge untapped market and also open significant opportunities in the field of affordable health care services.


The landmark health care bill is also expected to have a huge trickle down effect on the other sectors involved in providing ancillary services to the huge health care industry. The move will benefit companies from IT and BPO sectors involved in back office operations related to the health care industry. The move shall also boost the employment prospects within the health care and insurance sector which is expected to grow on implementation of the new law.

Barack Obama has staked his political reputation in winning this reform involving a great political polarization which went through at a close 219-212 voting counts in the House of Representatives. However, even the biggest of the reforms usually face severe criticism on the back of difference in opinion on the viability of the new framework.

President Obama in a statement to reporters at the White house said that, “This legislation will not fix everything that ails our healthcare system but it moves us decisively in the right direction. This is what change looks like.”

Key Features of Health Care Reform:

  1. A $940 billion health care bill over 10 years.
  2. The bill aims to cover over 30 million of uninsured Americans.
  3. Mandatory insurance coverage for all Americans.
  4. Insurers can’t deny coverage on the grounds of pre-existing conditions.
  5. Health-subsidies for low-income individuals and families.
  6. Large companies to cover employees.
  7. Penalty for citizens not covered by any health insurance.

Although, this is not an India related post, I thought of posting it across to get readers thoughts on this landmark Healthcare bill !

  1. Kaustubh says

    Very informative Article. I have two questions. It would be great if can throw some light.
    Thanks. Here you go:
    How can a person without any income buy insurance ?
    Where can non citizens buy insurance especially international students ?


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