The IPL and its Glamour Quotient!


Where there is money, there is glamour !!

Indian Premier League (IPL) has grown in stature immensely over the last 2 seasons as a medium of sporting cum entertainment event. And, the event has, in fact, attained such popularity that even its female viewer ship has gone up by a big margin.


According to the internet reports of media research by Television Audience Measurement (TAM), 38% of all IPL viewers this time around are from female category, which stands at around 6.68 million. This lot of female viewers was a tad lower at 34% during the IPL Season 2, during previous year.

Unlike any other sporting event, IPL seems to have garnered a support from wide spectrum of viewers including male and female both. IPL has grown by leaps and bound from its first edition to third edition. The event is panning out to be more that just a sporting event.

The huge money spinning ability of the event, the entertainment quotient, huge sixes and fours by the star cricketers and, most of all, an active involvement of the Bollywood stars and other well-known personalities in this shorter version of the game has ensured growing popularity of the event amongst female viewers.

The event seems to have been evolving as a big gossip issue among female observers. The female fans of the IPL love to have a peep into their favorite bollywood stars having a go at their respective franchise teams. They like exploring as to who is keeping company with their favorite starts on the podium. Which individual stars are jelling with each other in the public? What is the dress code adopted by various different personalities?

The female fans of IPL also take into account which individual stars are jelling with which specific cricketing stars. Like, for instance, Preity Zinta was often seen jelling with Yuvraj Singh in initial two editions of IPL. On that front, Shah Rukh Khan was spending time with Brian Lara in current edition of IPL 3. Is Lara contemplating to play for SRK’s team for the Season 4 of IPL in 2011? Such talking points are often the toast of gossip subjects and area of interest among female followers of IPL.

More recently, to add buzz to the IPL Season 3, many fashion shows, IPL-based shows and post-match parties have been organized in T20 format matches scheduled after the match event. Those female followers, who are actively involved as a spectator for the IPL matches, get to travel to different cities as per the change in venue of the sporting event.

In fact, with rising number of female following, the viewer ship among males, for the first match, has dropped from 66% last year to 62% this year. Thus, IPL is turning out to be more than just a sporting event. It has acquired a broad definition of an event providing social entertainment along with shorter version of explosive cricket.

What’s Your Say?

  1. Pradeep says

    Thats right. these days even ladies like to watch the game and they feel kind of watching it.

    1. Viral says

      Hello Pradeep,

      I feel the craze for IPL among female fans was not as much in 1st Season, as is estimated while in Season 2 and 3. Gradually, it seems, the female fans are catching the frenzy of IPL.

      This female following is expected to only move higher over the next season, for IPL. However, it remains to be seen as to how much of the female following can treat themselves to the T20 World Cup Tournament, which will follow ongoing IPL season.

      But, unfortunately, there won’t be any glamour in the form of Bollywood craze, stars following, parties & fashion shows et all. I think, over here, some of the international matches could be a stave-off for female fans as there would be lack of ‘Entertainemnt’ buzz.

      Over to our Female Readers of…..

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