Will ‘iKey’ unlock the Next blockbuster Technology for Apple?



Do you have a proper track of all the keys that unlocks your home’s front door, bedroom door, office door, cupboard, vehicle, personal drawer, suitcase and even your bank locker among various other locked devices? Tensed about a likelihood of misplacing one of those important keys? How about one-stop solution of bundling all keys digitally?

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As per a report in the Times of India, Computer giant Apple is all set to bring in sweeping changes in enabling convenience of handling various keys belonging to different locks – this time through a digital master key. Yes, Apple is planning to come out with a hi-tech device nicknamed as ‘iKey’, a single electronic device which would work as a concept of digital master key for all the locks.

The new technology simply requires the users to enter a pin code and wave the device over an electronic pad fitted beside a door to open it. Which device am I speaking about to be waved beside the door? Any guesses?

Well! Take this… the speculation, as per the same above report linked above, is that this new technology could well be coupled with the next model of iPhone which would mean an iPhone with an ‘iKey.’

How many of us could have imagined a newer version of iPhone along with an all new ‘iKey’ technology catering to a all new digital market than just telecom? This could be yet another salvo by Apple’s Steve Jobs with his out-of-the-box thinking material.

However, the usual locking systems that we use in our daily life may not cater to this digital master key. The user may need to install electronic and computer controlled locks to their doors which need to be coupled and configured with the digital key’s premise in order to work hand-in-hand.

This system of digital key would possibly come with some enabling and supporting electronic device like, for example, an iPhone. Later, this i’Key-enabled iPhone needs to be waved near the electronic lock with the required input of pin numbers. A proper and a correct entry of the pin number in line with matching data on the electronic lock would ensure unlocking of the door.

With this the purview of your iPhone attains the status of a broad spectrum device from a communication gadget to an all important digital key. If at all the speculation that an iPhone would be coupled with the digital key features, works it way out into the market, it would sum up into a blockbuster formula for the Apple Company.

It would mean instant promotion and marketing of two revolutionizing concepts in form of a digital key combined with a communication box. An all-inclusive package of both the electronic devices would mean a sophisticated product with multiple value propositions.

Will Steve Job be able to unlock this Key to success?

  1. Viral says

    Nice thoughts Madhav…

    But, as in every new invention, there always is a loophole or negatives to start with.

    Those can be more effectively addressed as time passes and more obsstacles are explored. The above articles on ‘iKey’ is just initial reports. So, hopefully, we can come to know more about in future as the technology reaches its ripe period for more disclosures from the company’s side.

    Your questions, in deed, demand replies which can be known only with time.

  2. Madhav Shivpuri says

    More info are images on Gizmodo. (As usual, comments make great reading!)


  3. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Good idea, but…would I feel safe without a physical lock and key to my front door? Probably not. I am an old timer and conservative when it comes to such ‘out of the box’ thinking.

    Imagine you are returning home in the middle of the night. You try to open the door and you realize the battery of your iphone has run out. Your charger is locked inside your home. Do you have to go shopping for a charger in the middle of the night?

    With a physical key, various family members can have multiple copies. You would have to enable the same with the ikey. Does that mean, every family member who needs a key to the house, needs to buy an iPhone? Good idea for Apple iPhone sales, but not the consumer.

    Next comes security of the iphone. If you lose or robbed of your iPhone then, 1. You can’t get in to your home. 2. your mobile thief may be able to get into your home (if he can figure out your address and password).

    Hey, would the electronic thingy on your door work on electricity or battery? Does it still keep your house secure when there is no power or the battery has run out?

    I am being a nay sayer probably for the fun of it… and I may be an early adopter like all converted Apple consumers once we see how cool it looks!

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