Why switching off lights for an hour matters?


India joined Earth Hour movement last year and it saved about 1000 Mega Watt of Power. This is huge, but there are many people who don’t believe that switching off lights for an hour really makes sense. India faces 20,000 MW of power shortage and initiatives like this can’t help much in a country where power cuts are a daily norm. For e.g. in my locality there is a power cut from 8PM to 10PM everyday during summers, hence I’m supporting this initiative, indirectly almost everyday. And the worst thing is during power cuts we receive electricity through generators which further increases the burden on our environment.

This is the general mindset of many other people across the country. But I’m pointing out here my own thoughts on why I think it’s a great initiative even for a country like India-

1. It forces us to think of the main issue- The thing is, we all are aware of various environmental issues and very well understand that we need to save commodities like electricity and water. But we don’t take any step to generate a common awareness. That’s why a movement like this is helpful. It actually brings millions of minds together at the same time to discuss various environmental issues and makes them talk about daily activities which leads to electricity wastage.

2. India is a major technology hub- The real power during such initiatives comes from big corporate houses, who join hands to switch off all electrical equipments. People working in these corporations do help in spreading the word through digital media like emails and social networks.

3. We don’t support causes- Indians have a mindset and they think that their own daily troubles are enough to keep them busy throughout the day and hence supporting for such causes is looked as a mere waste of time. But seeing people like Abhishek Bachchan, Shiela Dixit and other biggies coming forward we get inspired. More of such initiatives should happen at larger scale which can force us to support them.

4. Awareness about cleaner, greener energy sources- Do you know that CFLs use 20 to 33 percent of the power of equivalent incandescent lamps, and LED further uses 1/3rd the power of CFL’s?

Because of such initiatives Govt and other bigger Companies are forced to switch to CFLs or LED lightings simply because it puts extra pressure on them. LEDs and CFLs are costlier but are extremely efficient and long lasting.

5. We could never see it coming otherwise- “New economic modelling indicates the world has just five years to initiate a low carbon industrial revolution before runaway climate change becomes almost inevitable.” [Source]

These are some of the reasons why I think we should join hands in supporting such initiatives, if you think there are more please add them. Alternatively, if you’re among those who have a valid reason for not supporting such causes then your comments too are welcome!

P.S. You can join this great initiative by registering here.

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