Does Aircel PEEK Email-only device make sense?


By now, I am sure you may learned about the new Email-Only mobile device – PEEK. It sure has some amount of novelty factor, but does it really make sense – I think NOT !


Lets quickly look at the  PEEK advantages – To be honest, I don’t see any if I compare it to any other GPRS phone with mail facility (which incidentally means 90% of them). Yes, it simplifies your email, being email only device, email functions will surely be easier than most other phones – but that’s about it.

Apart from that it has regular stuff like push email, Long Battery life etc, but most other phones do that as well. Yes, it is Cheap at 3000 rupees, but some of the new mobile hardware entrants offer you a full featured QWERTY phone for probably a thousand bucks higher.

Now, lets look at disadvantages – Can you make a call from this email only device ? NO. Do you have to pay separately for this Email Service? – YES. Is the Email Service Cheap? NO

PEEK Aircel Email Service pricing

Prepaid plans

On prepaid offers, get unlimited email service for Rs. 897 for 90 days. After the initial 90 days, subscriber can recharge with Rs. 89 for 7 days validity or with Rs. 299 for 30 days validity.

Postpaid plans

On postpaid, pay Rs. 897 for three months of unlimited email service, after three months rental of Rs. 299 per month will be charged.

Now just for the email service, I don’t think PEEK is cheap in anyway. Now-a-days mobile services are seeing a revolution of sorts, and I think PEEK is something that is come in very late.

I may be a little harsh in reviewing PEEK, but seriously, tell me – Who in the world will buy this device except for very very few people, who want to use email only on the go (and do want any calls). This is targeted at urban Internet-savvy people, who according to me will go in for a 5k QWERTY Mobile phone who have mails on their priority list

What say people?

  1. rajagopal says

    This set does not fulfill the claims:-
    You can not open PDF files,scanned pdf files,excel files,power point presentations,many formats of photo.
    to can not browse.
    why should someone buy a set dedicately for Email,where the attachments of Emails can not be opened.
    A total waste of money and thorogh useless set.

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