Indian Premier League (IPL) Extravaganza: Watch Live Online and on your mobile


IPL season III is here and rocking ! This year is sort of home-coming for IPL after it was very successfully hosted in South Africa.

This Years IPL extravaganza is bigger, better and has embraced Technology in way that probably no other sporting tournament has – From being broadcasted live on the Internet to viewing on Mobile – IPL has taken care of every cricket loving citizens across the globe.


IPL is now a Industry in itself and with every season, it seems to be growing leaps and bound – Just imagine, a IPL team that cost around 75 million dollars in three years are commanding valuations of more than Billion Dollars. Even the 2 new cities that are going to be added have a base value of close to 250 million dollars !

Coming back to how Cricket Fans can watch IPL – Here are a few avenues where you can catch the IPL action

YouTube will be the place where you can watch the action live, The IPL streams will also be broadcasted on official IPL site at IPL TV.

If you are a mobile user, you can view live IPL action at m.iplt20. If you are just interested in score, here is the official IPL App . Mobile users can download this app on their mobile to get most recent scores.

Let the IPL action begin :)

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