Remote Controlled Street Lights: Civic Authorities go Hi-Tech !


It is always a delight to come across this kind of news – India’s capital city, Delhi, will see country’s first remote-controlled street lights operational that will be use Internet & Mobile technologies to function !

Most of the Street lights in India are either manual or they use timers to switch on and off. Once the timers go out or someone forgets to switch them on you will then have to walk on roads without lights. If you have noticed carefully more than 50% of lights are perpetually down !

So this remote controlled street lights sounds music to ears ! These technology goes even further rather than just remotely controlling – They are synched up with sunrise and sunset time which will save electric energy to a very large extent.

This is another example of excellent Public – Private partnership where this project is being implemented by a consortium of companies — Phillips Electronics Ltd, BP Project Pvt Ltd and Sweka Power-Tech Engineers Pvt Ltd. Delhi-based Sweka is responsible for developing software and related technology.

There is another great thing about this project – In event of any fault or a power theft from a electric pillar, the alarm will go off in the main server and an SMS will be automatically sent to the area’s maintenance staff for correction.. WOW !!

Each pillar, powering approximately 70-80 lights, will be controlled by a device which has a SIM card with GPRS connectivity. This new system also  allows for auto-remote metering of energy consumption and can monitor power quality such as low or high voltage or frequency. The lights can be simultaneously turned on or off during bad weather or traffic conditions.

Now I just hope that civic authorities in other cities all across India take notice and implement it.

Doesn’t this sound really great ?

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