Air India To Fly An All Women Crew!! Brand Building ?


Just when you thought that Air India has not been in the news for sometime, here it is albeit this time for not-so-embarrassing reasons. Infact, this time it is for good and in a true celebration spirit.Yes,

Air India will deploy an all-women pilot team on the ultra long haul, non-stop flight (AI-141) from Mumbai to New York

Air India will make history and mark the centenary celebration of International Women’s day by engaging a team of female pilots,cabin crew, engineers and flight dispatchers for a lot of domestic and international routes including the Mumbai-New York flight.

As commendable the initiative is, I am at loss to understand if it is going to help Brand Air India in one way or the other. Given what Air India has been through in the recent past including employee strikes, in-flight nuisances and what not, I can’t seem to understand what Air India is going to get out of it. Could it be only to celebrate the spirit of Women’s day you ask me?
Well, I can’t digest it for sure. Remember the harassment case which an Air India hostess seemed to have logged against the pilot. I wonder if anything happened of that except for de-rostering of the people involved. I wonder what kind of women’s spirit they intend to celebrate if they can’t propagate the same within their employees.

However, it is heartening to know that National Aviation Company India Limited (NACIL), the holding company of AI has 136 women pilots under its roster. The number may not be huge but still suggests that Indian women are taking to skies slowly but surely.

If anything, Air India is going to be in the news for good reasons today for a change.Hopefully, Women’s Day celebration brings some much needed smile to this ailing national carrier.

Yes, Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Women’s Day

PS: Why fly an all women crew to on the Women’s day alone. Well, if they can do it on a particular day, they sure can do it all the time. But then it won’t make news, will it.

PPS: Apologies if the post sounds of negativity. I care about the national carrier as much as you do. But, it has not done anything right for a long time now and one-off acts like these isn’t going to restore AI’s pride. With the tax-payer’s money being used for resurrecting the airline, I would rather see AI board trying to get their act together and steer the crash landing airline.

  1. Chetan says

    Every woman has a right to information.. And Uninor is helping a great deal! See this

  2. Kiran says


    If you want to argue between symbolic behavior and rational behavior, AI is not really the company to argue for. They defy everything.

    I have not yet met a person who is not cynical about their planes, service, staff and entertainment. It borders on absurd. Expect the taxpayers’ money to flow to AI as long as we are alive.

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