An iPad-er – To be or not to be


Just read this report on iPad – It mentions that iPad is seeing huge wave of demand, even though it has got late coming into the market.

As per the recent changewave survey – iPad is showing a huge wave of pre-launch demand for the iPad and offers key evidence that the Apple tablet will have a major impact on the e-Reader, laptop and home entertainment markets.

It is little difficult for me to believe, especially because after the launch many were not too satisfied with iPad features and was found lacking to the expectations of potential users. Another survey conducted few weeks back showed completely different picture.

The Changewave survey based its findings by comparing the market scenario before and after the launch situation of iPad as well as iPhone. The survey showed that iPad has been given better reception as compared to iPhone.


The survey also goes on to mention that iPad will prove to be disruptive in e-reader market.

Among consumers who already own an eBook Reader, the Amazon Kindle (68%) towers over its closest rival, the Sony Reader (10%). But to gauge the potential impact of the iPad on this market, we asked eBook Reader owners whether they would have purchased their current e-Reader if the Apple iPad had also been available.

If the Apple iPad tablet had been available at that time, which eBook Reader do you think you would have purchased – your current eBook Reader or the Apple iPad tablet?


Among other findings by Changewave survey, close to 70% respondents mentioned that they would use Apple iPad for “surfing the internet” as their primary activity.

Checking email (44%), reading eBooks (37%), reading magazines, newspapers and periodicals (28%), and watching video (24%) are additional key ways that consumers are most interested in using the iPad.


To be honest, I will take this survey with a pinch of salt. It does not take into consideration other highly featured tablets that are coming into market very soon. One prominent tablet which I see giving tough time to iPad will be Notion Ink’s Adam. I would buy feature-rich and open Adam rather than an iPad !

Whats your take on this?

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