Internet now directly to your TV Set !


Telecom Industry is revolutionizing the way we live our life, we have been featured many telecom innovations in the past. Now, the new announcement from Tata Tele may actually help in increasing Internet penetration in India.


Tata Tele is bringing Internet directly to your TV without need of a computer or a laptop. Now, this is not a cutting edge innovation, but significant nevertheless.

Tata Tele has launched a product called “Dialogue” – This new USB Data Modem device (Tata Photon Whiz or Tata Photon Plus) will provide easy access to Internet by rendering it on to a normal television.

“Dialogue” will come loaded with numerous multimedia applications along with regular internet access which can be used to check emails, watch Internet videos, listen to music or do regular browsing. What is important is – This new service is targeted at first time Internet users !

If you look at it – PC home penetration in India is less than 10% whereas TV penetration is around 80% currently. This service may really help to increase Internet penetration in India, which is less than 1% currently !


  • The idea sounds really good – but there are many questions still unanswered –
  • Will this work on all TVs?
  • If it is USB based – Does the TV require a USB input to it (Which will really be a game breaker, because 99% of all TVs don’t have it)
  • What about Keyboard / mouse connection to the TV? how will people provide input?
  • At what cost does this service come?

These questions need to be answered and only then can we make any conclusive comment on this..

Whats your take?

  1. cable tv companies says

    I think it looks really exciting but I did read somewhere that not all websites will look good on the TV and they need to optimise to improve the technical image.

  2. Nishant Gupta says

    So on a verge to convert the “IDIOT BOX” to an “E-Box”….. :)

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