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UnpluGGd – Startup event for Entrepreneurs

Guest post by Ashish Sinha

First of all, thanks to Arun for giving me an opportunity to reach out to smart readers of trak.in. I run Pluggd.in, and we are organizing a startup event called UnPluggd that is focused on entrepreneurs.


By now, you must have heard of these statements (from startups / VCs / media / bloggers etc)

  • Consumer Internet is just not happening in India (i.e. one cannot build a profitable Internet company from India)
  • You can’t build a global technology company from India without spending a fortune [read: cash strapped startups cannot build one]
  • You always need funding to make it big.

Like several other entrepreneurs (including Arun who is betting his life on Online advertising), there are quite a few guys who actually never believed in any of these statements and made business/brand – some with funding, some without funding.

UnPluGGD, a startup event will change your perspective on state of entrepreneurship in India.

UnPluggd’s March Edition (2010) is an event where you will hear from people who have been there and are doing that- the event bring in Indian startups who have achieved phenomenal growth within a few years of starting up. These startups have built a strong brand and defied the ‘standard’ wisdom of doing business.

Details of the event

  • Date: March 6th, 2010 [9 AM – 6 PM]
  • Peer Attendees: Angels, VCs and Entrepreneurs.
  • Venue: Honeywell Office, Outer Ring Road [Near Intel Office], Bangalore, India
  • Contact Details: Ashish Sinha, +91 98452 06443.

More details @http://www.unpluggd.org

Arun’s Note: Knowing Ashish well, I can tell you one thing for sure – It will be an event which will benefit you immensely. There is going to be no froth here - power-packed and from the heart sessions touching most important areas for a startup.  If you are an Entrepreneur (or hoping to be one), and are in Bangalore, you just cannot afford to miss this event.

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