QR Code Technology brings Audio Visual experience to your Daily Newspaper !


Ah…how I love when technology brings about a positive change in our daily lives – Take a simple example of reading our daily newspaper, it gives us what we expect – Printed News and Photographs. Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were able to get related audio visual as well along with the stories that we read ?

Off course, we can’t see a Video on the newspaper itself, but with little help from technology we can get it directly on your GPRS enabled mobile phone – Thanks to QR code (Similar to Barcode) or Quick Response code technology.

If you have been Internet for long, you might have heard about QR codes, its nothing new – It is basically a 2 dimensional code that contains information of choice.

Mid-Day is the first Indian Newspaper to adopt this technology and to bring in audio-visual experience to its readers. All that readers have to do it is point their phones and capture the QR code printed next to the stories, which will automatically take them to the audio-visual news files.

Now to better demonstrate this technology adopted by Mid-day I made a short video of how it will actually work. (I did not have access to Mid-Day newspaper, so I took snapshot from their website). This is the story in mid-day which I used and QR code gives you access to Video file which is related to the story itself.

I can see other Newspapers also adopting this technology shortly. Take example of Economic Times, who also have their own TV Channel ETNow – makes perfect sense for them.

But all is not easy – very few people in India are aware of QR code Technology, and even lesser carry mobile phones that can read these codes – so adoption is going to be a challenge. Mod-Day has suggested that users should install  this software. There are also many other QR readers available in the market.

If you have seen the full video you can see the second QR code (given below) contains my signature.


You can generate your own QR code here.

So what do you think ? Will this technology be adopted by others as well?

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  3. Viral says

    Wow Arun ji,

    Nice piece of article. Very infromative which I was unaware of as I am relatively less tech- geek.

  4. suraj jain says

    Very nicely explained.. !!!

    Seems like u used Samsung i5700 ..rite.. But which app ???? coz i-nigma doesnt seem to andriod app ..

    One more thing.. Google Goggles/Buzz/Shoppers didnt run on my android 1.5 .. Seems like android 1.6 is must if u want around with Andriod Market Place

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