Social Gaming Monster Zynga comes to India, Can It Disrupt Indian Gaming Industry?


Whoa!! The creator of Love-It or Hate-It “Ville” games Zynga has gone international. More than that, the first international office location that the Zynga folks have zeroed in happens to be none other than India’s very own ( though debatable) Silicon Valley Bangalore.

Zynga in its latest press release has confirmed that it has opened Zynga India in Bangalore. The India operation is primarily to develop and maintain a scalable large infrastructure to support the mind numbing increase of Zynga game users across the world. To get a vague idea of the kind of growth Zynga has experienced, feature this

Zynga has close to 235 Million monthly active users playing its games available on Facebook, MySpace, MSN Games, Tagged, Yahoo! and the iPhone

Take that for a startup that is two years old and survives on a monetization model in the form of users buying Virtual Goods. But, it has been able to get users addicted to its games to an extent that a select few amounting to a meagre 3-4% of the total users actually buy these goods and help Zynga make money. In any other scenario, a 3-4% conversion rate might not be even worth peanuts but with 235 odd million users, you get the idea.

One interesting comment from the Zynga CEO Mark Pincus on why Zynga chose India to be its international centre is worth quoting,

India offers some of the world’s most sophisticated and rich technical talent bases and we are thrilled to have a local presence

It is heartening to know that the talented Indian folks now have people coming to them rather than they going out to foreign shores. The currently 700 employee strong Zynga plans to hire 100 top notch scientists and engineers capable of building scalable infrastructure to manage about two petabytes of data transferred across Zynga games on a daily basis.

Can Zynga India Cause Disruption in Indian Gaming Industry ?

Even if the initial plans do not speak about any plans to offer Indianized games from its stable , what is there to stop Zynga streamrolling to tap the internet friendly gaming audience of India. With a fast growing internet audience in India and an increasing internet gaming adopted user base at that, Zynga might very well have kept an Indian version of Social Gaming in mind while setting shop in India.

Now, there are a few major players the Indian internet Gaming Industry offering targeted Indianized games , but then Zynga sure has the firepower to give a tough run to the established Indian bred gaming giants a run for their money. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out in future and see what Zynga has in store for the Indian Internet game loving audience.

Do you think Zynga with its India office has announced its plans to penetrate the rising Internet Gaming audience in India ?

PS : Zynga has quite a few popular games under its banner namely Farmville, Mafia Wars etc. Can you think of possible names which Zynga might consider releasing for the Indian Audience. For me I won’t mind a game built around the Indian Politics – LokSabha Wars :P

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  2. Madhav Shivpuri says


    Even to localize content, one does not necessarily need to set up shop in the intended geography. So I would like to understand how does setting up shop in Bangalore help grow the online usage unless they are going to do offline marketing activities? Or is this another case of hiring talent cheaply or are there some other factors at play?

    1. Ankit says

      defintely Cheap labour at play here!! But, i would like to add “talented” too :P

      Next, india is being considered the next thing to be when it comes to anything mobile/internet.Even online gaming has caught up.indian players like zapak,c2w have all managed to get the indian crowd hooked to gamin.
      Zynga already has a good traction with the indian audience via those facebook games.
      Moreover, i agree that content localization can happen from anywhere.Zynga primarily has come for running and maintaing its operations.But, Zynga games work on the “Story Telling turned to Gaming” genre.So, it will suit them well to get real local and leverage the local pool.
      I was only speculating with the Indianized gaming thing since there is no statement made in the Press release :P A food for thought kind of thing.
      With the way Zynga has been growing, i am sure not counting them out with an Indian specific games offering.Not sure if they are gonna need offline marketing for that??

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