IPL: An Industry In Itself!


Coming 2011 season, it would be difficult for you to remember the names of various ten franchisees, owned by some of the most famous personalities/consortiums, from your favorite sporting event- The Indian Premier League (IPL).

Two More Franchisees from Next Season

Yes, if you are not satisfied with the fierce competition led by the eight teams in the up coming IPL season slated to commence from March 12 next month, you can expect two more IPL franchisees to be added for the next season which shall be announced by IPL on March 8. The invitation to tender document for the 2 new franchisees will be made available from February 21. A base price of US $225 million per franchisee has been set for the 2 new franchisees. From current 60 matches, the total matches will go close to 100! Will it be a over-dose? time will tell !


IPL In Cinema Houses

Not just that, IPL, this time around, is expected to go on air even in some of your near-by cinema theatres across India. Yes, a big screen presence for every lofty shots played by your star cricketers. In fact, the 2 semi-finals and the final match will be shown in 3-D for the ardent followers of IPL in Mumbai, in selective halls. The kick-up is gradually moving up as the matches can be viewed from the comforts of air-conditioned theatres.

IPL on YouTube

All the 60 games of IPL season starting next month will be broadcast live on YouTube on  as well as IPL’s official website. This joining of hands of IPL with the internet community and coming live on air will ensure that the large working audience can also keep track of their favorite matches during their free time in absence of TV at their work place.

More recently, the confrontation between the organizers and broadcasters with the News Broadcasters Association to boycott the event due to some clash of terms as laid down by IPL shows that the big bug is also awaiting to be tapped for the News broadcasters industry waiting to cash-in from the glitz of this famous T20 even, if not for the obstacle discussed above. The issues still stands unresolved as this is being written.

IPL Youtube Streaming live

The First Mover Advantage

The IPL event is slowly gaining traction bigger than ever before and manages to stay in the limelight way before the event commences. The eyeballs are grabbed even before the match is played, won or lost. The stakes are becoming bigger by every year and the IPL and its stake holders are seeking to sign-in maximum possible benefits tapping its way through its ‘First mover’ advantage.

Which team are you betting on for this season?
The moot point is that the winner and the stake holders of this season would be able to enjoy more privileges until next season, as goodies keep rolling-in with the title.

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  5. P.S.Thimaiya says

    India Soil.

    Please confirm that you are a Regd body have permitted to take up Auction. Trading of the Players Hawking of International Players , which takes place in the Indian States where it is Registered.

    Please be advised that it is “Unconstitutional For you to allow this practice which induces betting as for as the IPL is concerned.

    Under the circumstances , please permit us to issue a show cause notice as why FIR cannot be registered against commissioner of IPL for enticing the bidders.

    Please also advise if BCCI is party to this activity which is unconstitutional, yet profit making resulting into FEMA, irregularities!

    Please note this is National issue & Hence this request.

    By copy of this , we are marking all correspondence to the Attn of the RBI, as Foreign exchange concerns prevail,with each player!

    Please address this to the undersigned as this is a national issue now on account of 2 Interior ministries of respective Nations involved.

    Please confirm that IPL in India is unconstitutional, in its Practices

  6. Pradeep says

    100 matches in a season is going to be an over dose for sure. But at the end of the day it all about money honey..and IPL is offering entertainment so who cares..

  7. Viral says

    Hello Suhasini,

    As you rightly pointed out in your comment, the number of franchisees are gradually increasing and it is difficult to remember each of them as well as players contracted by them.

    Hello Madhav and Vishal,

    More recently I read a column in The Economic Times which was sourced from PTI as follows: “Hearing a petition seeking postponement of the thid edition of IPL on the round that it had overlapped with the secondary and higher secondary board examinations schedule, Madras High Court on Wednesday directed the petitioner to approach the Centre to frame rules for regulating the matches.”

    So, that is a peep-in to what the Court has to say about the IPL matches coinciding with examination schedule, putting the onus on the petitioner to approach the Centre to do the needful by enacting required rules. What is the possibility of such request directed towards the Centre coming in favor of Student’s community??

    1. Madhav Shivpuri says

      Cool. If this does not work, next students should turn to Kapil Sibal. I am sure he will have a creative solution like, abolishing the exams! ;-)

  8. Suhasini says

    IPL is everywhere now but now I hardly remember name of any team and their members. People who are running behind this have no idea how much money is being made out of IPL everytime.

  9. Vishal Sanjay says

    IPL is great revenue for ad agencies, this is one of the most innovative ventures in India. Most of the households including me will be clinged to the TV for the next two months, but my exams are starting just one day after the inauguration of the IPL :(

    1. Madhav Shivpuri says

      Hi Vishal,

      Cricket and exams never seem to mix well. Wonder why exams can’t be taken when there are no cricket matches, no hot movies to watch or just… any time of the year one feels like it!
      Good luck.

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