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Trust in Indian headquartered Companies Maximum – Government at minimum


According to Edelman Trust Barometer survey Indian headquartered Businesses are most trusted by Indian’s, whereas, predictably the Government is the least trusted of all the entities surveyed.

This year’s survey shows that trust in TV news has come down drastically over last 2 years from 61% to 36% – and why not – Have you seen the kind of news that we get on TV channels now-a-days, less spoken the better ! Infact, I am surprised that there are still 36% people who trust TV news !

The trust in business magazines is also come down from 72% to 47%, newspapers from 61% to 40% and friends and peers online from 50% to 40%. I guess overall, Indians have started doubting more compared to couple of years back

Even Trust in NGOs decreased among ages 25‐34 to 38% and increased among ages 35‐64 to 55%.

Although, trust in banks is unharmed – it is at a high of 82% in India – although nearly 8 in 10 believe governments will have a lot or some influence over banks and financial institutions in the future.

The bright spot however is –Technology – which is the most trusted sector in India at 88% (Globally Technology is one of the most trusted sectors as well), followed by banks, automotive (79%), pharmaceuticals (75%), healthcare (73%), entertainment (70%) and media at a relatively low 58%.

trust in Indian business

India‐headquartered companies most trusted in India

India‐headquartered companies are trusted by a majority only in India, China‐headquartered companies are trusted by a majority only in China and Indonesia. Japan has the lowest trust in companies headquartered in Brazil (15%), Russia (10%) and China (6%). Companies headquartered in Brazil and Russia are trusted by a majority only in China. India at 78%, Mexico at 63% and the UAE at 52% are the most trusting of India‐headquartered companies, with Spain (26%), Germany (22%) and Poland (14%) the least trusting.

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