Sports becoming serious Business – Mukesh Ambani & Subroto Roy bid for Liverpool


Owning sporting clubs seems to be the “in” thing amongst Indian Business Barons. With success of IPL, Indian business honchos are probably getting the taste of direct and indirect benefits of owning a club.

And its just not cricket anymore – Kingfisher’s Vijay Mallya is doing it successfully (although I think still in loss) with Force India Formula One team.


Now it is rumoured that Mukesh Ambani is interested in picking up majority stake in Liverpool. The premiere football club is reeling under heavy debt (of close to $250 million) and this sale would do wonders to wipe off the loan !

Its not only Mukesh, but even Sahara’s Subroto Roy is in fray to pick up majority stake in the clubs.

These are unconfirmed reports, as both the sides have summarily dismissed this news, last year also we had similar news where GMR was rumored to pick up stake in Liverpool – however, like in most cases these rumours have some kind of base for it to come out.

So very soon you may see Reliance or Sahara on the Red jersey’s of Liverpool players instead of Carlsberg ;) – Nice !

  1. balaji Yadhav says

    I hope they dont bid for these teams as it would be a waste of an investment I would rather they invest the excess money they have in any other business venture like animation or media rather than a foreign football team which is completely unproductive. India needs more jobs to sustain their young population only investment in business ventures will provide then that.Forget all this false prestige matters Tata has already done it with the buyout of Jaguar and Landrover.(Hopefully Tata will make money put of it soon)

  2. Liju Philip says

    Reliance has denied the news saying that its a hoax news. Anyway Reliance is known to deny everything in the news.

    Btw, Sahara was earlier in the race for ManU’s shirt sponsorship. I think the deal fell through.

  3. Vishal Sanjay says

    It just increases the pride in Indians and showcases Indians to the world. Like cricket in India, football is like a religion to the world, even Indians are turning to be football lovers these days.

  4. Pavan says

    About time.Indian Corporate pie is long due on this front .
    Lets see who wins, dubai sheiks or ambanis :)

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