Indian IT company of the 2009 – Wipro / IT buzzword of the 2009 – Cloud Computing


Springboard research, a leading IT research firm recently released their survey called “Indian IT Market Predictions 2010”, in which along with predictions for 2010 they also named the IT company of the year award, which went to Wipro Technologies.

I think Wipro has been one of the companies which has stayed away from too many controversies through-out 2009, adding to it their strong performance growing close to 40% even during the difficult times of last year thanks to their strong focus on domestic Indian IT market.

Springboard Research’s decision to choose Wipro Infotech as the Indian IT services company of the year is not only due to its impressive revenue growth and client acquisitions, but also for its proactive push toward green technology. The company has invested significantly in its green IT portfolio over the last year to focus on consulting, green data centers, carbon accounting, paperless administration, and freight management solutions.

Here are the winners as announced by Springboard survey:

Indian IT awards

The IT buzzword award went to “Cloud Computing”, I don’t think there is any ambiguity in that – Cloud Computing is set to become the next big thing on Internet !

Social Networking has caught on like a craze (Although Indian IT companies are failing miserably), and people are now spending majority of their Internet time on these sites – No surprises there as well

Again a no brainer – The acquisition of the year has to be Tech Mahindra / Satyam as there was not a single other one that even came close to that deal !

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