Car recalls – will we see it in Indian Auto Industry?


Honda recently announced a recall on their Honda Jazz / Fit models worldwide – However, in India we will not be having any recalls as the models in India are 2nd generation and do not carry the fault.

Now, this “recall” term is very new to India – I am not sure how many of you know, but what a car recall means – When a car is sold to you and if there is any company defect found, they have issue a notice to all the car owners to bring back their cars to authorized company workshops. The cars then get full replacement for that faulty part completely free of charge.


This normally happens when there is an accident (or series of them) and the culprit is found to be the faulty part.

The recalls are can wipe of billions of dollars from companies’ balance sheet and can even lead to bankruptcy in some cases.

In this particular case, the Honda Jazz / fit model had a faulty window switch that caused the fire in an incident where the child was fatally burned. There were couple of other similar fire incidents due to this faulty switch.

In western countries, the auto companies can be sued for millions if they find manufacturer’s fault – and hence as a preventive measure the faulty car models are recalled for repairs.

However, here in India we have never heard of a recall till now, even though there have been probably thousands of cases where the manufacturer has been at fault – We do not have such legal system to safe-guard the interest of consumers.

But with Multinationals coming in to India, will they bring in the culture of recalls? and if it happens, Indian auto companies will also have to brace themselves up for such incidents.

I am not sure how many of you remember the Skoda cars have had tremendous problems and customer complaints about their faulty parts, and Skoda India on their part have never acknowledged any of the problems. Infact, it has even been proved in court that there are problems with faulty parts, but still we have never seen a recall from the company.

Whats your opinion?

  1. Chirag says

    Another recall by Honda in 2010 ? Now its ODYSSEY model in China!

  2. says

    This is the first time, a car company has recalled its cars. A couple of months back, the Tata Nano had been in news for self-ignition. Tata Motors didn’t recall the cars. Car owners who faced similar problems approached the car company. Tata motors should have recalled that batch of Nano.

  3. Edward Eng says

    No recalls in the past? I find that hard to believe. In any case, recalls are important and will make India safer.

    Edward Eng
    getchee Staff Writer


  4. Guru says

    Recently Maruti called back A-Star, for faulty fuel tank. It replaced the tank for free. So, its true even with indian companies.

  5. Gedi Junction says

    For your kind information, Honda also found the glitch in Honda City ZX 2nd Generation cars, and they have announced a recall in India, too. Globally, Honda has recalled two car models -> Jazz and the City ZX 2nd gen. But in India they’ve only recalled the City.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Hi Gedi,
      Thanks for your information…can you please give me a link ? someone else also mentioned this to me yesterday, but could not find more info on that…thanks

  6. rabi gupta says

    Car fault is a minor issue when you compare it to broken roads which caused serious injuries to pregnant women in Mumbai after the heavy rainfalls (Leading to some feticide cases too). But who cares? Unless we change our attitude of ‘chalta hai’ (it’s fine) nothing is gonna change! Be it roads, cars, electronic items, life saving systems….

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Rabi. but tell me “Ye chalta hai attitude kab tak chalega? We pay regular taxes, dont we deserve to have better”?

  7. Scott Thomas says

    I heard about the car pedal recall but had no idea it affected my NON toyota truck good thing I found more info here….

    searched for my make, model, year and found my Ford truck had been recalled so look out! it could save a life maybe yours

  8. Rohan says

    Car recalls may not be common in India, but I think a few have happened. I am not getting any links, but I remember reading about Mahindra recalling some cars recently(last 1 year)

  9. Krishnaraj says

    In my case Skoda actually knowingly passed an old Octavia Combi as knew (it was a Sept 2006 make when I was told it reached the showroom on Nov 2007) – further the BLR Skoda dealer had the registration forged, yeah you read it right forged – I had to fight them to release my money, which they did only after the local police threatened arrest (NBW) of the dealer.

    So my lesson in life – go in a bullock cart, but never buy a Skoda

  10. Vishal Sanjay says

    You see guys the car manufacturer will never speak out about the fault in their product, so its well and good if the consumer pays a little amount on correcting this fault while leaving it for servicing. In other ways big manufactures can never correct their system in every vehicle they’ve produced till date for free, so it hurts no one if the car owner pays a small amount.

    The manufacturer looses his reputation so he too pays his part of the fine.

    1. Rohan says

      Are you SURE that “car manufacturer will never speak out about the fault in their product?”

      Think before you answer this one. If there is some fatal accident due to manufacturing defect, it will be amounting to “murder” and not “death due to bad luck”. Which car manufacturer will want to spoil his corporate reputation by ignoring proven defects?

      Mamata Banarjee could lead the TATA’s to evict the Singur land. If they can manage such a gigantic feat, fatal accidents caused by manufacturing defect is a tiny affair and can catch wild fire, which no one would want to play with.

  11. Ankit says

    Interesting discussion.As you mentioned, the companies in the west can be sued for millions by the customer.Once it goes public, the private legal firms can create a rucckus and create a whole army of people with the same problem (Ref : John Grisham’s Novel).
    The company then might lose billions of dollars in compensation and legal fees alone.Moreover, it gets them bad press.So, they save face or rather gain some good press by doing a recall.
    Come to India and the legislative system in India ensures that the last thing a miffed product(owner) will want is to get into an unending lawsuit.Not being critical of India but then it is common practise here and moreover, the consumer complaint forums though making progress are from reaching a critical stage where they can stand for customer issues.

    My 20 paise

  12. Sriram Vadlamani says

    Vishal : Just curious, why should the car owner pay for it? If the pay then why would it be a recall? And why would you fine the customer for buying a product which was faulty?

  13. Vishal Sanjay says

    In other countries the government takes serious action against such incidents, but Indian government doesn’t see it as a big issue. I kind of feel that such recalls should be made compulsory when there is a fault, but the car owners have to pay for it instead of a free service. If the customers don’t do it, then should be ready to pay a fine.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yeah…I dont understand it either…why should a car owner pay when the fault completely is the on the manufacturing company…

      1. Pavan says

        To add ,Toyota also had to recall 8 models and suspend sales.
        As for your point on manufactures brining culture to do voluntary recall ,its just wishful thinking. They wont do it unless they need to(Govt Norms) ,as simple as that .
        I am not big fan of suing culture but there has to be regulations on Consumer safety

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