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Your Tweets or Status Messages can land you in Jail – Are treated as Electronic Evidence now !


Be very careful about what you write as an update, because your innocent tweet or Facebook update can very easily land you in Jail !

Yes, that right – Now your status messages and tweets are admissible in Courts as electronic evidence under Indian IT laws. I actually scanned my timeline to see how many times have I written something that may be objectionable to others and let me tell you, I found quite a few of them. And in my case, being a blogger, I am a little careful.

status update

I would suggest you to do a rain-check on your tweets and updates. I am sure many will not go at lengths of pulling you to court on some update, but a real disgruntled one can sure take advantage – So be careful !

You may be writing about your Boss or your employer, but remember it is in public domain and can very easily be the reason for your loosing your job.

Here is a trivia – 20% of all divorce petitions in UK handled by a company currently contain references to Facebook status messages or Twitter.

Also, according to new laws the social networking platform (Facebook, Twitter etc.) are not in anyway responsible for what you write on their platform (Section 79 of the Indian IT Act).

So, just remember next time you post what’s on your mind, ensure that it does not land you in any kind of trouble !

  1. Jaspal says

    be careful .. fellas .. i have to tweet more watchfully :)

  2. Madhav Shivpuri says

    I can imagine that some day very soon when you fire up your browser there will be an animated cop on your screen and say “Everything you browse, type, click, say, see, and do, can and will be used against you in a court of law!”

    Makes me crave for the old-style water cooler discussions which had far fewer and lighter repurcussions than lost jobs or divorce (unless that was the intention!) :-)

  3. Pallav says

    Nice write up:)

  4. Vishal Sanjay says

    Wow!! So when they are trying a criminal they’ll check his status and tweets first. From now on we’ll have to be careful, not about going crazy and tweeting deadly messages, but from hackers. Thanks for this update Arun!!

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