Twitter accounts for 76% of all news shared about technology brands


According to Digital Brand Index (DBI 2.0), Twitter accounts for 76% of all Technology related conversations that happen over the Internet in India.

This is actually quite Interesting, especially with Twitter growth showing big slump in last few months. The DBI 2.0 tracked 154,492 online conversations pertaining to 104 large technology brands contained in 306 influential channels.

I am not sure about the methodology, but having close to 8 technology conversations on Internet are done via Twitter is quite huge !

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Here are some of the key findings of DBI 2.0

  • There has been a 100 per cent increase in brand mentions between October – December 2009, from the first Digital Brand Index (July – September 2009).
  • Twitter has become the de facto channel for sharing news about technology brands, with 76 per cent of all mentions (118,150) found on the micro-blog platform – up from 60 per cent in DBI 1.0
  • Despite the buzz generated by Microsoft around Windows 7, Google continued to be the most discussed brand online in India, generating 31,220 mentions around topics like the Chrome and Android operating systems and the pre-release buzz around Nexus One smart phone.
  • Yahoo’s new marketing campaign gets prominent online buzz even as the sentiments were mixed.
  • While there was a huge lift in mentions of consumer technology brands during the holiday season, business brands such as Adobe (which made it to the top ten) and Oracle were also a part of significant conversations online.
  • Among online forums, TechArena Community forums displaced Chip India forum, as the most popular technology forum in India, followed by the think digit discussion forum.
  • TechieBuzz debuts as the first blog in the Top-5 on the DBI.

Whats you take? Has Twitter become so popular in India?

Link to Full report

  1. With more entrants in market as mobile manufacturer, nokia need to rethink its marketing strategy and pricing.

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