Best place to buy Nexus one in India? Or should I go with HTC Magic or Tattoo ?


I am seriously done with my Samsung i780 Windows mobile phone. Fed up with restarting the phone at least twice in a day after it hangs. Even normal functions have become so slow over last 6 months that it frustrates me no end !

I have now set my eyes on Android based phones. I seem to have few options on table for Android based phones. I am not sure, but here in Pune none of the dealers seem to be carrying any Android based phones – though HTC Tattoo is available with Authorized HTC dealers.

Guess currently I am limited to 3 options HTC Tattoo and Magic along Google Nexus One.

HTC Tattoo:

This one is aggressively priced at around 18000 rupees and has got most of the features. The actual user reviews are decent enough. But one drawback, small keyboard is something which I have to think seriously.

 HTC Tattoo

HTC Magic:

Has everything I need and is priced close to 28k, however not sure if 10 k difference between Tattoo and Magic is justified. I might as well go in for Tattoo and save 10k and live without some tidbits here and there !

HTC Magic

Nexus One:

Now this is the phone which I would go for in a snap, but again it is not that easy. The price is steep and getting it in India does have it own issues ! Nexus One seems to be currently available in India only through , this is the first time I am hearing about them. Also, the total cost comes to whooping 33k (after adding Customs, Taxes and shipping).

Wanted to know from readers if there is any other place where I can get my hands on Nexus One? If not, I might as well look for someone coming from U.S and ask him to get an unlocked Nexus One. The saving would be close to 5k.

 Nexus One

Nexus One would be and Ideal phone – only if it was priced a little lower (and off course if I could get easily here in Pune)

I am sure there are others who must be sailing the same boat and drooling over these Android phones.

Over to you readers – Suggestions are open :) I would be especially interested in users who are already using one of these phones and letting us know the feedback about the same.

  1. Jothi says

    I would prefer HTC due to its display, reliable touch screen and more features.

  2. Siva Kumar says

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  3. Android India says

    You have got many more options now there are variety of Android phones in India.Check the list

  4. Android India says

    Check the complete list of android phones available in India and their price list

  5. neerajvohra says

    I really don’t think that nexus one will come to India as google has no plans to launch any other phone like nexus..people who might be waiting for this phone in India should get it from other sources..there will not be any other models or Nexus 2 versions etc for this phone.

    PS: Google launched this phone to get the market overview for there Andriod software. They team working on the OS wants to get the OS to the market. Now, they have clearly mentioned that they doesn’t have any further plans for the phones.

    Official words : Yes, we done it with phone. Now stop it and start focus on Andriod !!

    Please stop faking this news all over the forums/blogs as people will led to misleading and they keep waiting for this awesome device.

    Offcourse, Nexus one will be the first and last model of Google but it will be the first model that will get upgrade to future versions of Andriod’s as compared to HTC, Samsung and other Manufactures !

  6. Prasad Rane says

    Hey i got Nexus One from They provide awesome service and support. i received my phone within 15days.

  7. Ravi says

    Hey Dear There,
    If You Want To buy Google nexus one mobile contact me.
    i am selling mine which i got from USA with original bill from google and all accesries. Price 35k And If you can come to faridabad to get it than contact [email protected] or 9818582072

  8. khizer says

    Just to subscribe for comments :).

  9. niranjan says

    Hi Arun,
    HTC Hero is indeed a good one as I suggested to you on twitter, also supported by many here. Its a all-in-one package model, stabilized in the market and has acquired accolades from wide variety of users (particularly business users). About Nexus One, I suggest you to wait, for Google has to get hold of this business. They might be the only giant in search and related business, but they ought to learn a lot in this field, mainly customer support, updates, bug fixes, etc. Don’t get carried away by media hype and gadget frenzy people. Don’t forget it’s the first phone by Google. Unless you are kind of an early adopter craze who buys gadgets launched yesterday and sells it in a month (or couple of!), I suggest you to move away from Nexus one!

    HTC also had announced sometime back that Hero will get 2.0 (and 2.1 too!) update, so this would be best choice.

    Acer Liquid is also a good one albeit its downgraded Snapdragon processor (at ~850Mhz instead of 1GHz). I am not sure of its availability in India.

    Apart from Android phones, you may consider:
    – Blackberry Storm (if you need hardcore business features and touch screen),
    – Nokia N97 Mini (for media, entertainment, not much of business use)
    – Nokia E72 (hardcore business, non-touch, qwerty key pad)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Hi Niranjan,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Good suggestions. Infact, after this post and comments, I have actually postponed the idea of buying Nexus One for atleast a year. Your points about Google are valid, and it ought to mature for it to be a well rounded product.

      Now, Nexus One being out of the equation – I remain with Acer Liquid and HTC Hero. I am going to look at both these phones and compare them physically in a store and then arrive at the decision.
      I dont think I will go for anything other than Android right now !


      1. karthik kanniyappan says

        The options we would be having this year would be somewhere endless..
        Think of a mobile which has 8Mp camera.. High Definion video recording..HDMI port ready.. Multi Touch.. 8Gb internal memory… Motoroi is ready and getting shipped to Usa by march.. Launched today in korea.. There are bountiful of Android sets coming in few months..
        Wait.. watch and Buy something you would love about

    2. Mandar Vaze says

      All three options suggested by niranjan are greater than Rs. 27K Isn’t it ?
      So if budget is not an issue, why not go for Nexus directly ?

      1. Arun Prabhudesai says

        You are right Mandar…and I did not know Acer was that expensive. If the phone cost goes above 22-23, I might as well buy a Nexus One…

        So any Android phones except Tattoo which are sub 20 k??

        1. karthik kanniyappan says

          I think Arun you have not been following your own blog what your known and unknown people has been dropping comments..
          I had even dropped a link for the Samsung galaxy about its availability ..
          Go through that first if you are really been interested.

  10. Dines says

    Hey me 2 desperate to get my hands on the google nexus one phone i am from mumbai and have tried almost everywhere but the only thing i ended up was And about the iphone comparing to nexus one , Iphone is a toy for kids to play with , Apple from last 4 years got the same look for all the 3 models. Rather than that Nexus one is a true smart phone ,it has got the fastest processor. And about the Multi-touch, who cares men go download the dolphin browser for nexus one and you can have the multi-touch browser. People saying iphone is better cause it has the multi-touch, No1 said nexus one had good decent 5mega-pixel camera with auto focus and flash , So next time if you read a comment or a review about nexus one saying blaa blaaa stuffs 4 sure it is writtin by a Iphone lover.
    No doubt even iphone is a great phone , Still android owns the market and google nexus one is a true smartphone

  11. Kapil says

    Hi Arun,

    If you really looking for Google Nexus One, I would say look for some one who is working in Google. I heard there are some discounts for employees, and if you find some one who can help you, you are very lucky or the only option will be to get from US. I have seen Google Nexus One, I would say it is better in some ways compared to Apple iPhone. Only drawbacks when compared to iPhone are touch interface is little poor, no pinch zoom, Application icons are small compared to iPhone, but still OK. Google applications work awesome.

    1. AT says

      the pinch zoom (or multitouch) capability is there in Android and hardware, but not enabled for phones shipped in US, due to patent hassels google would get into with Apple. however there are already breaks of how to enable this in other apps on nexus.

      just fixing a myth.

  12. sharath says

    How about Apple iphone 4. Due to launch in April?
    Better processor, 2 cameras for video con., multitasking, better battery,amazing display….

    1. Karthik Kanniyappan says

      Like this if we wait.. u will keep having better models.. Next Qualqamm chip is coming with a dual core 1.5Ghz for the Android Phone..
      Hardware is accelereating faster than softwares now.. Winner is noone ultimately…

  13. kathir says

    Nexus One price out of US is $529+$37 (california source tax) = $570 = rs.28500. add import customs duty + shipping , 33k is not high…remember the company is not a NGO.

  14. Vishal Ramtri says

    Hey I am using the HTC Hero since the past couple of weeks. I had a G1 android earlier. the Hero is probably the best phone I have ever used. I got mine from Hong Kong but prices I saw yesterday were … 25,500 (without bill) and 30,500 (with bill/warranty)at Alfa, Vile Parle, Mumbai.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Hey Vishal,

      Its great to hear from you…Do you remember me?? Its been a very very long time probably 12 years since we last spoke :).
      Yeah…Many of guys are suggesting Hero, but man..30k is really steep for it. I would rather get a Nexus One then…

      1. Karthik Kanniyappan says

        30k and Hero is not at all worth.. Go for the Nexus one..Snapdragon 1Ghz processor is damn powerful with the Eclair version…

      2. sony says

        @vishal i do agree with vishal…google nexus one definitely is definitely far better than the others…

      3. Vishal Ramtri says

        Hey Arun, ofcourse I remember you. Yes, it has indeed been a lot many years since we communicated.
        Yes, ofcourse like some people mention on this blog, the Nexus one is better than the hero (definitely not in the Looks department though). The Hero was launched a few months back and the Nexus one, this month.
        Currently I am damn happy with the Hero, and going by my past habit of changing my phone ever so often, I shall probably get the Nexus One when I’m bored of the hero.

  15. Fabio Parri says

    Get an Acer Liquid. Very good price and specs. Trust me :)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Honestly, this is the first time I heard about Acer Liquid…I am going to google it a bit and find out more. Thanks for the suggestion.

      1. karthik kanniyappan says

        I’m not sure Acer Liquid is launched.. Its a good phone by its specs.. and seems worth too ..Acer’s first few trialsn on a smartphone.. so.. i wnt bet on it as i personally dnt like acer laptops either

        1. Fabio Parri says

          Acer Liquid is launched and it’s a superb phone. Very similar to the Nexus One and cost a fraction of its price :)

          Check some clips on youtube:


        2. Fabio Parri says

          I forgot. I have one :)))

        3. Karthik says

          Acer liquid looks great with the Donut version of Android.. I would still think of somewhere in Android 2.0 + versions as theer is a lot of difference in terms of feature rich apps. It seems with a good built of hardware .. If they go ahead with the Android 2.0 or 2.1 release, its a very good buy

  16. karthik kanniyappan says

    Htc Hero is a lower price u can even get Samsung Galaxy.. somewhere priced around 15k and its got bigger screen (320*480, double the tattoo)..
    Nexus one is surely the best android currently in market right now.. But i would still suggest u wait for the Android Bomb to explode and u would have every handset manufacturer selling Android(apart from Nokia) and at all ranges.Around 20+handsets are expected. Also, u could wait for the official Nexus one launch(it could be discounted).

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      The last I heard about Samsung Galaxy, it was around 28k, I think I will have find out a bit more and see if the prices are dropped further..

      1. Karthik Kanniyappan says

        Galaxy is on Hot sale..Check out in Univercell.. Its a leading mobile retail outlet in South india.
        Check out

  17. Annkur says

    Considered the HTC Hero?

  18. Mandar Vaze says

    I was so planning to buy HTC tatto myself after I heard good things about it from @d7y. But when I tried my colleague’s phone – I wasn’t impressed. It felt very sluggish. The owner of said HTC Tattoo himself suggested to consider HTC Hero and not “hurry” into buying HTC tattoo.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Hmm…thats a good suggestion. 3 other people suggested me to have a look at HERO as well. I am trying to find more information about it.
      Let me see where I can get it..

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