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TRAI proposes to hike FDI in Broadcasting Sector


The TRAI recently released a consultancy paper seeking suggestion from Industry to hike Foreign Direct Investment in Broadcasting Sector.

Here are the Foreign Direct Investment Suggestions laid down by TRAI:

Sr. Sector Current FDI Limit Proposed FDI limit
1 FM Radio 20 % (FDI + FII) 49%
2 Cable network 49 % (FDI + FII) 74%

49 % (FDI + FII)
FDI component not to exceed 20 %

4 Up linking Hub/ Teleports 49 % (FDI + FII) 74%
5 News & Current Affairs TV Broadcaster 26 % (FDI + FII) 49%
6 Non-News TV Broadcaster No limits laid down Status Quo


Here is the direct link to the consultation paper released by TRAI:

Consultation paper on foreign investment in Broadcasting Sector

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