Crowdsourcing done perfectly !


I have been wanting to write about this since I first saw the Lays Ad campaign featuring Saif Ali Khan. Do you remember the artist tattooing kareepatta on Saif’s hands ? That lays Ad has impressed me a lot – It is actually much more than just an advertisement.

This is probably the first time that I am seeing Crowd-Sourcing done in main stream advertising at such a large scale.

Lays crowdsourcing commercial

I am sure you have already seen this Ad, but if you have not already here is a video of that lays commercial.


If you actually see, this Ad works on different levels – It uses Tattoo as a medium to get across the message (also, because of his famous Kareena Tattoo ) of different Lays flavours, but the heart of this ad is – Crowdsourcing.

It is asking Indian consumers to suggest new flavour Ideas for their Chips – and in return they are offering whooping Rs. 50 Lakhs ! and it does not stop at just that – they are also offering 1% commission on sales of chips of that flavour. Now, it is actually life-made for person who takes that coveted prize.

There have been many instances earlier where companies offer prizes, but none of them have done it at this scale. The big prize money ensures that consumers will participate in large numbers.

Going by the current entries received – close to 800,000 – the Ad campaign has already succeeded in creating a big buzz. Imagine, so many people from diverse backgrounds working to create different flavours for their chips. They are bound to have, not one, but many winning flavours.

Crowd-Sourcing does not stop at collecting the flavour ideas, but even the best flavour will be decided by consumers. Of all the entries received, 4 of them will shortlisted by panel of judges and these will be launched in the Market. Eventual winner will be decided by consumers, who will vote for the best flavour.

While the four selected entries will each win Rs 5 lakh, the winning flavour, which will be launched by the end of May 2010, will fetch the entrant Rs 50 lakh and 1 per cent of the sales turnover.

I am sure we will see many such campaigns getting launched in coming months which use power of crowd-sourcing.

This is crowd-sourcing done perfectly ! what say guys?

  1. akhilsethi says

    Friends just want to ask about this…..whether this be called as an example of crowdsourcing or not…..???

    Seeing Customers as Partners in Invention: 3M establishing Innovation centres.

  2. akhilsethi says

    Nice Post Arun….!!!

    This (Crowdsourcing) is a good initiative by Lays as it is good for both, the company as well as the consumers. It surely helps in minimizing the labor and R&D expenses. In general, using the Internet to solicit feedback or some ideas from an active and passionate community of customers can reduce the amount of time spent collecting data through formal focus groups or trend research, while also seeds in enthusiasm for the upcoming products.

    Other example that comes to my mind is that of the “Threadless T Shirts” ….. wherein lets online members submit T-shirt designs and vote on which ones should be produced.

  3. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Exciting prize! I would like to find the website where I can post my choice. Do you know where to do it?

    When I Googled here is what I found – a bunch of people wanting to vote for the flavor of their choice but no details about how to join the contest. Is it supposed to be a teaser before the real details are revealed? (–dillicious-flavours)

  4. Mitul says

    Have you disabled full feed? I cannot read the whole post on google reader..

  5. Vishal Sanjay says

    This is really a great idea, even though Lays is paying 50 lakhs and i% of sales, its actually much cheaper than outsourcing it to some group of professionals who take millions, an they also get to see the consumers demands this way. Its nice to see such interactive ads coming up these days, at least its better than those ‘Washing powder Nirma’ and ‘bingo’ ads. I’m hearing the word crowd sourcing for the first time, guess you made it up Arun, well one last thing that meebo share thingy is awesome, i’m trying to get it on my blog.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Crowd-sourcing is not a new word, infact, has many articles on it and it has been around for quite a while :)

      Yeah, I am going to try out Meebo for next couple of weeks and see how things go, looks pretty good and hence I have put it on the blog..

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