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iPhone is the most popular phone in US: Nokia doesn’t even figure in top 10


As per a Neilsen wire blog posting, for the year 2009 (jan-oct 2009 data) , apple’s 3G iPhone was the market leader followed by RIM’s Blackberry 8300 series. Not a single Nokia model features in that top 10 list, and I find that surprising. 


Nokia was once a company know for its innovation  and its ironic that it should be outsmarted in the innovations space by Apple. More surprising is the fact that the Smartphone market has so much taken hold in the US that many of the top models are Smartphones.

The Nielsen wire report also lists the top accessed websites form mobiles in the US in 2009 and there are no surprises there with Google search topping the list followed by Yahoo! mail  and Gmail.

Facebook makes an entry at no. 5 while Twitter unfortunately still does not figure in the top 10. That may be due to the fact that twitter is accessed using applications and not directly via web browsers.

Google also topped the list of top 10 brands accessed over the mobile web, with Yahoo! and Microsoft following behind. the top mobile video channel, unsurprisingly, was YouTube.

What do you think would be the comparative statistics for India? At one time Nokia dominated the Indian market, but I think things have changed since then. still its long time before iPhone becomes the most popular handset in India. Interesting also would be to know what market share does RIM’s blackberry enjoy. 

With Google Nexus One being a new potential entrant, it will be interesting to see how it fares in comparison with other phones and what the statistics at the end of 2010 would look like. One can only hope for good times ahead!

  1. Sammy says

    Nokia phones don’t match up to iPhone and Blackberry.

  2. Nokia carries better market reach and pentration in Indian market. Its sservice centre, accessories its compantiability to pc is well accepted truth. They also holds better brand building exercise in India.Nokia shall outshadow all players in upcoming year. Assured.

  3. Ashish says

    Nokia was never a good performer in the US.

  4. Abhilash Kushwaha says

    US market is different than other countries. The phones are heavily subsidized by the telecom operators and in turn you sign a contract for 2 years with the company. All phones, including iPhone and Blackberry, follow this model. In fact if you don’t do it then your chances of success in the market are limited. I believe, Nokia has just refused to play this game. So it is really not surprising that none of their phones feature in top 10.

  5. Liju Philip says

    Nokia seems to losing the war. Or is it that their concentration is more at the bottom of the pyramid kind of markets. No wonder, they are so big in India.

    Also Nokia has still not been able to get the touch screen right. Samsung, LG and iPhone are light years ahead of Nokia in this matter.

  6. Vishal Sanjay says

    I had expected Nokia to fall off, you see nokia is good for markets such as India and China, but they have nothing in store to match demands of the consumers in USA and some European countries.

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