Media Monday: Aamir Khan has a hot shot Resume for Marketing Post


3-idiots It looks like Aamir is preparing himself for a top class Job offer after his Bollywood Career. Why? Well, his out-of-box marketing strategies must be catching the eyes of top class media honchos and who knows he might be having some offers already. On this Business Blog it makes sense to have a look at some of the aspects of Marketing and relate it to the skills and strategies of Aamir Khan.

Aspect 1: Understanding Market

If Ghajini meant reaching out to all type of Audience and meeting people who are going crazy about Aamir’s looks, ‘3Idiots’ means catching college students who most probably have read “Five Point Someone”.

That’s a very critical lesson from marketing point of view- Start promoting the product from a small group which is able to embrace the ‘idea’ behind the product without actually getting access to real product. Remember what iPhone did?

Aspect 2: Getting hold of Technology

OK. If you think technology is less important when it comes to marketing, think again- How could Aamir have marketed ‘3Idiots’ online without having understanding of the social network products available.

“An interactive website was launched in alliance with with a college set-up as the homepage. The website is designed keeping in mind the college atmosphere, complete with a hostel, classroom, toilet, canteen and a few special added features. On the day the website was launched, Aamir Khan along with R.Madhavan, Sharman Joshi and Kareena Kapoor chatted with their fans online at a specific time, giving them exclusive information about the film” –Source.

Other than this they also chatted with their Fans on Facebook and other networking sites. Lesson- In this socially networked world marketing is irrelevant without having a basic understanding of social media marketing.

Aspect 3: Think Innovative and in-line with the product

Aamir’s marketing strategies are not just innovative, they are also very relevant to the Movie. In Ghajini he reached out to all those fans in Cinema Halls and gave them a Ghajini ‘Haircut’. The only USP of the Movie was Aamir’s new look, and he championed that with his real-life size posters in almost every PVR theatre. For ‘3Idiots’ he has put those iconic plastic couches in every Big Cinema theatre. The team has also used unique stickers on some rickshaws plying on streets that read “Capacity: 3 Idiots”. They have also come up with cool Pantaloon T-Shirts with ‘3Idiots’ qoutes on them.

An innovative marketing strategy only works when users can actually relate it to the real product. You can see how effectively Tata DoCoMo promoted their product. Sometimes the ads become stronger than product and overshadow it, which should never happen.

Aspect 4: Utilize Brand

This point may not be relevant for a new comer, but Aamir is a ‘Brand’. A brand which has the tagline ‘Perfectionist’! And its not something which is created after one or two movies. Aamir has a history of delivering Blockbusters year after year, and he is not afraid of utilizing his brand name for every new movie.

Big brands usually get afraid of experimenting because of the fear that their Brand name may take a hit, in case the product is not successful. Think of this- what happens if ‘3Idiots’ is bombed at Box-office? Will your perception of Aamir’s brand would change a bit or not? But, then whether to risk you brand name or not depends very much on Aspect 5, read it.

Aspect 5: Make sure that final product meets customer’s expectations

Those Directors who blame Aamir of interfering a lot in between the shoots, should ask their Producers ‘how happy are they?’. Aamir as an evangelist always take care of his final product and make sure that it meets viewers’ expectations. The confidence with which he promotes the movie gives enough confidence to viewers to go and book tickets one week in advance. Similar to the anticipation of any Apple’s product or Harry Potter’s book of which customers’ are confident to get full value for money.

All those aspects are very common, but its amazing how they get fit in every kind of market and product. Be it Cinema, Media or Technology these lessons remain more or less the same. I’m very sure that after his retirement from Movies Aamir would be absorbed by some big Media firm as a marketing evangelist. What’s your guess?

  1. akhilsethi says

    Nice Article Rabi, keep goin…!!!

    As a marketing student, m very well able to appreciate the ways used by Aamir Khan to promote this movie. He rightly follows the STP (segmentation,targeting & positioning) analysis for each of his movie. As pointed by u regarding the movies Gajini, his target mkt was all type of (mass) audience, but fr 3Idiots, it was more of a college going(youth) students and then he appropriately promotes the respective movies keepin in mind the target audience.

    Apart from the traditional means to promote the movie, he has used the other ways too like from the (zapak) website, he also played hide-n-seek game, when he around the whole country in disguise.

    Aamir “as a perfectionist” can now be compared with the “Coke” brand whose brand image in my opinion can never come down as in when Coke reformulated itself n faced a big disaster, but even that disaster didn’t made a big dent in its brand image per se.

  2. Madhav Shivpuri says

    (non Aamir Khan point but…) 3Idiots may be available for viewing or download on paying certain fees on Youtube. This could be a 1st for Bollywood and so could make more buzz by such an approach. Interesting to see the producer also taking the social media route for video piracy prevention.

  3. Param says

    Nice one bro!!

    1. rabi gupta says

      Thanks Bhai :)

  4. javed says

    hello Aamir,
    Assalaaamualaikum this is javed from Akola maharashtra i am big fan of urs actuaally i never miss ur film and i will very eagerly waiting for ur upcoming film 3idiots. Sir i am requesting u that plz make a film again like Andaz apna apna plz make its sequal with salmaan ur the only no.1 of bollywood. bye

    1. rabi gupta says

      hello javed bhai, i hope aamir is reading this post :)

  5. hardik says

    hi this is hardik here. i m a student stayin @ hostel in south mumbai. i wanna suggest aamir tht he should also go 2 hostels for promotion of 3idiots as hostel’s hv even more idiots …………..

    1. rabi gupta says

      hehe gud idea Hardik :)

  6. Reo says

    Thx .. good Post .. btw any idea abt the kind of viewership this campaign generated online ?… it could provide insights abt the level of acceptance & reach of future innovative online campaigns

  7. Pooja Gupta says

    3Idiots has surely gone in for agressive adveritsing and that too through non-conventional advertising modes.
    But, I can just not understand their association with the insurance comapny Ads. Its hard to figure out..which brand is using the popularity of the other brand to promote itself. Is it 3 Idiots trying to reach out to audience through the insurance Ad or vice-versa. This particular advertising is just not clicking with the audience.

    1. rabi gupta says

      That’s a good catch Pooja, I wasnt aware of this :). Thanks..

  8. Himanshu says

    Excellent article! What Aamir Khan is doing for promoting his products can also be applied for promoting any product. But we should remember that he is a Star capable of attracting crowd.

    But his marketing strategies doesn’t involve himself directly. Its either Ghajini cut hair style or his roaming in different cities. Its crowd who make all the hype. He always try to involve people in his promotion who are the most critical and crucial parts of his promotion. This is actually a great marketing strategy and we always get learn something new from him.

    1. rabi gupta says

      Yes he utilizes the brand name and does superior customer interaction, thts what i like the most :)

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