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PC and Mobile Operating System Statistics for 2009


As promised yesterday, here is the follow-up article on Global / India usage of PC & Mobile Operating Systems .

I am sure most of you know who the leader is PC Operating System space, but what is interesting is the gap between the leader and others. Its also interesting to see if the trend or marker share has changed over last year or so.

Operating System Statistics for 2009 (Web & Mobile)

Top Desktop Operating Systems


I was a little surprised but contrary to my belief Windows XP is still popular by a very large margin. Close to 2/3rds of all people are still on Windows XP. Windows Vista has a market share of 22% while the new-OS-on-the-block Windows 7 has garnered close to 5.5% market share in last couple of months. I see Windows 7 becoming the leader by next year end.

I was under the impression that Vista and XP would be neck to neck, but its not so. Statistics show that Windows XP still figures on majority of PCs globaly.

For India Windows XP has even more market Share – 82% of all Indians still use Windows XP, followed by Windows Vista (12%) and Windows 7 (3.7%).

What is interesting to note is that Windows OSes have a clear monopoly amongst all the web users. 94% of Global web users use Windows and close to 98% of Indians use it.

Linux / MacOSX are still way way behind and I don’t think they will even manage to come closer to windows in next 5-10 years. What do you think?

Top Mobile Operating Systems – Worldwide

Top Mobile-Operating Systems in world

In mobile operating systems we see good amount of competition unlike the PC space. Globally, Symbian OS and Iphone have have stiff competition with Symbian OS accounting for 35% and Iphone OS accounting for 32% market share. Throughout the year these both Mobile OSes are running neck to neck with positions changing hands frequently.

RIM (Blackberry) takes 3rd position with close to 9.5% market share followed by Sony Ericsson (7.3%).

Now, what I bet in mobile space is – Android – looking at the buzz it has created in last couple of months after the launch of Android based Mobile phones, we could see a very different picture in next couple of years.

Like many of you guys out there, I am also desperately waiting to get my hands on coveted Android based phone.

BTW…I am surprised that Windows mobile OS is nowhere to be seen !

There is a huge difference between the Mobile OS usage worldwide compared to India. It is exactly in line with Mobile Browser trends that we saw yesterday.

Top Mobile Operating Systems – India


With Iphone bombing in India, its OS is no where in picture. But because of Nokia’s ultra popularity, Symbian OS has gained lion’s share in Indian market.

Close to 76% of all mobile users (who browse web) have Symbian OS on their phone followed by Samsung (12%) and unknown (6%, I assume it is Motorola OS).

Like I mentioned earlier, I am betting big on Android gaining popularity in next couple of years. These graphs are sure to look very different then.

Whats your take? Are you equally positive about Android gaining market share in next couple of years?

source: statcounter

  1. Pooja Gupta says

    I still wonder why did Microsoft release Windows Vista. Even a non-techie end user of computers could have told them that they are not progressing but regressing by releasing it.

  2. Madhav Shivpuri says

    @Dhruva, completely agree with you – “XP gets the job done”. I see no reason to want more from my OS as I do most of my stuff on the web – browsing! For that occasional document I need to create at home, it gets done on MS Word, Excel or PPT, and that could change to web based open docs or SAAS too.

  3. dhruva says

    I was not surprised, I am one of those who have not migrated to vista even when I got many “chances” to do so.

    Simple reason is – Win XP is a stable OS (compared to windows 98, ME etc that we used to use few years back) … we never get those embarrassing hangups or blue screen of death, so there is no reason to Migrate.

    Vista (i have heard) needs more memory – so my assumption is if I install on my same 2-4 year old laptops, it will slow it down (just the OS will take too much memory)
    The features of Vista (like better GUIs) doest fascinate me much.

    XP gets the job done, end of message.

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