Mobile Browsing sees 200% jump Year on Year


InternetonMobile[1]Opera’s State of Mobile web has been released and it throws up some Interesting statistics regarding Mobile Internet usage by Indians (as well as globally).

Although, this report is purely based on mobile users who use Opera Mini browser on their mobile phones – it is one of the leading mobile browsers in India and gives good enough pointers on Mobile Internet Usage.


Here are the Highlights of the report:

  • Page-view growth since September 2008: 202.6%
  • Unique-user growth since September 2008: 61.4%
  • Page-views per user: 339
  • Data (compressed) transferred per user (MB): 6
  • Data (compressed) transferred per page view (KB): 19
  • Yahoo, which is usually at position 3 or 4, took a big drop down to 7.
  • Gmail is back on the list after a 2-month absence, and My Opera is back on the list after a 1-month absence.

    Top 10 Sites browsed by Indians on Mobile:

    3. (back on the list)
    5. (6)
    6. (5)
    7. (3)
    8. (7)
    9. (back on the list)
    10. (8)

    As mentioned earlier, it is interesting to note that Yahoo is loosing favor among Indians – It has dropped from number 4 position to Number 7 compared to the report published in August of this year. While Facebook has moved up, significantly Gmail has moved to 3rd position from nowhere on the list last time around. Google it seems is taking giant strides in capturing Indian Mobile Internet Market share. Interestingly, all top 3 properties belong to Google.

    Top 10 Mobile Handsets used by Indians:

    1. Nokia 5130c
    2. Nokia N70
    3. Nokia N73
    4. Nokia 3110c
    5. Nokia 6300
    6. Nokia N72
    7. Nokia 3500c
    8. Nokia 5310
    9. Nokia 7120s
    10. Nokia 6233

    What can I say here – Its Nokia all the way. However, it is interesting that Nokia N97 is no where to be seen !

    In this report, Opera has added a new feature – estimating the amount of savings that Mobile users have done by using Opera Mini. The mobile browser compresses data upto 90% which directly results in the saving for users.

    Here are the details of the amount that users have saved using Opera Mini browser for Top 10 countries.

    Monthly data costs and savings of Top 10 countries

    Country Data per user (MB) Data cost (USD/MB) Saved (USD)
    Russia 7 0.22 13.80
    Indonesia 6 0.43 23.50
    India 6 0.12 6.90
    China 2 1.50 95.30
    Ukraine 10 0.17 15.00
    South Africa 4 0.27 10.30
    United States 6 2.00 100.10
    United Kingdom 4 1.68 66.70
    Poland 6 0.88 44.00
    Vietnam 5 0.61 29.10

    Average monthly data costs in the top 10 countries

    Country Cost per MB (local currency) Cost per MB (USD)
    Russia 6.50 RUB 0.22
    Indonesia 4,096 IDR 0.43
    India 5.70 INR 0.12
    China 10.24 CNY 1.50
    Ukraine 1.40 UAH 0.17
    South Africa 2 ZAR 0.27
    United States 2 USD 2.00
    United Kingdom 1.02 GBP 1.68
    Poland 2.46 PLN 0.88
    Vietnam 10978 VND 0.61


    1. Phani Raj says

      @ketan i dont thing usage via Apps is considered. This is only the data based on usage happened via Opera browser.
      That could be one of the reasons why N97 is not appearing in the list .
      Other reasons could be – Not enough handsets in the market & people are using native browser but not opera
      @Arun can you pls. confirm

    2. Ketan says

      he ythis sound real good but does this survey take in record how many people use applications on their mobiles to log on to internet. Example I use only my gmail app to check my mails. Is this accounted for in the above survey?

    3. Shubham says

      Wow! Amazing Stats.

      I definitiely knew that Nokia had the biggest marketshare in India in cellular phone handsets, but to know that the top 10 most used handsets are ALL Nokia make… an eye opener.

      Why doesnt Nokia leverage this competence in other countries? If it does not have the competence, why are other companies letting Nokia bite up such a chunk in the Indian market, which is one of the fastest growing cellular market today… Beats me.

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