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Top Outsourcing Cities in the world


India has reiterated its position as the top Outsourcing Destination in the world – 6 out of 8 cities figure in the list of Top Outsourcing Cities in the world according to the report – Top 50 Emerging Global Outsourcing Cities -  jointly released by CyberMedia and Tholons Research group.

top-50-emerging-outsourcing destinations

Here are the highlights of the report:

Top Outsourcing Cities in the world

Although we hear every now and then that Indian Outsourcing Industry is facing tremendous competition from China, it does not seem to be a reality. India has reiterated the fact that it is the top Outsourcing Destination with 6 out of the Top 8 Global Outsourcing Cities are from India and the list notices no change compared to last year. The list continues to be dominated by Indian outsourcing locations, with only two non-Indian locations (Dublin and Manila)


Top Outsourcing Nations in the World

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Although, China has been touted as the fastest growing and giving stiff competition to India, it still comes 4th on the list and is yet to surpass Philippines and Ireland.

2009 Rank

Top Outsourcing Nations











Top Emerging Outsourcing Nations in the World

2009 Rank

Top Emerging Outsourcing  Nations











To be honest, I do not think Indian Outsourcing Industry has anything to worry about in near future (say 5 – 8 years), especially because it is not relying on its past laurels.

Most of top Indian Software companies have been proactive and innovative in their growth – Be it moving across borders to open their development centers or be it expansion through Mergers & Acquisitions.

If you want to check out complete report, you can download it from here.

  1. Ankan Kd says

    good information about cities..

  2. Jb Bravo says

    THE NEXT WAVE CITY for BPO in Asia: Iloilo City, Philippines is considered as the "most cost-efficient city" due to its low average wages, facility rental costs, and power rates. It has an emerging pool of talented and skilled graduates who have the potential to become its workforce. INVESTORS all gladly welcomed with great hospitality, Invest NOW!

  3. Jeny says

    India and Philippines are still the leaders when it comes to outsourcing. Though it is good to see other countries slowly climbing to the top, still we can see that these two are a million miles away from their competition.

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