Media Monday: Yahoo’s new look and a powerful “You” campaign – Why should Rediff worry?


Yahoo-You-Campaign-AdYahoo has been in news for past few days, thanks to the worldwide advertising campaign- “The You Campaign”, which has forced many people like me (Google lovers) to go and have a look at what is new at Yahoo.

Sometimes it’s very important that when you have a brand like “Yahoo” and you launch a campaign like this, you should definitely have something impressive. Otherwise, it can cause negative publicity with ease.

I had also checked Yahoo’s new website in its testing phase and I liked it then. For a customer like me who likes nothing else other than “Google”, it’s really difficult for Yahoo to make me their regular visitor.

But my notion got changed when I saw their new website and features- Very beautifully integrated stuffs which actually relives the website’s main aim – to get almost everything on its homepage.

They have creatively used technology to make site look seamless and very handy to use. It gets personalized very easily as we can almost add any website of our choice to the homepage. The preview available for the added stuff is also very unique.

The ultimate question- whether it really stands up to the “You” campaign?

Well my answer is definitely an emphatic YES ! 

While I was using Yahoo I realized that “Rediff” also came up with a new look and features some time back. They also spent some money on ad campaigns and even got my attention for the same. I looked at their website once and have seldom gone back as there was nothing worth noticing.

Rediff also tried to fight international competitors with the advent of opening its APIs so that developers can build interesting apps on its platform. This move also seems to be a failure and hasn’t seen any activity worth noticing.

Last quarter, Rediff posted losses of $8.86 million due to (not so good) online advertising state in India. They are now backing largely on their new interface to attract customers and get back on track.

But, now with Yahoo focusing very strongly on India as a market it’s really a challenging time for Rediff. Yahoo has huge following in India and this campaign may very well connect to these people, emotionally! This move may prove to be Yahoo’s Trump card as they seem to be very much on right track this time.

Rediff needs to do some serious re-thinking at this stage. It would definitely be very interesting to see an Indian web company coming up with counter tactics to tackle such competition!

[This Media Monday digest has been written by Rabi Gupta, a start up enthusiast and co-founder of iDubba (Intelligent Box).]

  1. rahul says

    can u temme the girls name in the yahoo banner?? i even called up yahoo to know..but still dnt get her name :(

  2. movies in Mumbai says

    Yups checked it…… far it looks good but lets see. Saw the big -2 billboards n hoardings……….parr Google ki baat he alag hai

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  3. Philip says

    Maybe Yahoo has a great interface and all that, but what is it that Yahoo gives that i cant find in Google ? I find articles on Rediff far far better than anything you can find on other sites in India. Its articles on politics, sports, business, investing etc is better than TimesofIndia and sometimes even Indian Express.

    And with Yahoo, you dont know when it might close down another feature just because its not making any money. I dont give much value to all the changes that Yahoo is making cos there is hardly any original content there. And i rather read Rediff where content is king.

    but i do agree that the Rediff’s navigation and search is too clumsy.

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