Puneites are least satisfied employees -75% feel stress at work is healthy


I dont understand this – Stress and Healthy are oxymoronic words in my dictionary – How can stress be healthy? be it at work or home or anywhere else.

Work related stress

But that exactly what Pune and Bangalore Employees feel, infact nearly 75% of all feel the same – This is according to the latest “Stress at Workplace” survey released by TeamLease Services, one of the India’s largest staffing company.

Pune Employees are the least satisfied people with their current job environment.

Among other things I was surprised that 2 out of 3 people feel that its okay to carry work home and it does not cause any stress. On a little funnier side, around 27% employees admitted to have hit somebody when stressed !

Here are some of the key highlights of the report:

Key Findings of the Survey

  • Overall 61% respondents feel that ‘stress at work is healthy’. Around 75% respondents in Pune and Bangalore feel the same way. In Mumbai and Ahmedabad there is an equal mix of responses who feel that stress at work is healthy or not.
  • Over 65% of respondents from Operations, Marketing and Sales feel that stress is healthy probably because of the nature of work involved with their job function. HR/Admin reported the lowest response with a 52% response.
  • ‘Amount of work to be performed’ and ‘Managing others work’ are the biggest stressors causing dissatisfaction. ‘Keeping up with technology’, closely followed by the ‘attitude of spouse/partner’ are also stressors that create negative emotions.
  • Over 2/3rd respondents did not feel that carrying work home causes any kind of stress.
  • To cope up with stress, over 2/3rd of respondents try to recognize their limitations/fault at work and take corrective action. Least of the options considered are “taking a few days off (48%)”and “Looking out for a new job (45%)”.
  • 60% respondents said that their company conducted ‘Employee Satisfaction Survey’ periodically to understand and to come up with solutions to combat workplace stress.
  • Among the cities surveyed, Amdavadis came across as most satisfied with various facets of their work life, like relationship with colleagues, conflict resolution, amount of work, level of salary, amount of flexibility and work environment. Puneites were the least satisfied.
  • Office politics and lack of power / influence seem to stress Delhiites more than their counterparts in other cities.
  • Overall, 68% respondents feel that companies should ‘formulate policies’ to identify and help employees deal with stress.
  • ‘Headache’ and ‘inability to get sleep’ are the two main symptoms that respondents face when stressed. Against the popular belief, only 30% respondents felt like smoking under stress.
  • Around 27% respondents admitted to have hit somebody when stressed – a low response reflecting unacceptability of such means to alleviate stress levels.
  • Camaraderie – Around 60% employees tried to help their stressed out colleagues through various means like rendering advices, moral support, financial support, counselling or working with them to find areas of improvement.

I was always under the impression that Puneites are pretty happy (Pune was adjudged the happiest city in the world couple of years back) and satisfied people when it comes to their personal lives, but thats not the case when it comes to their workplaces !

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