Top Twitter using Countries: Did India jump from 9th to 3rd position in 2 months?


Now this is a real surprise to me – Just 2 months back in July we had published a report done by Sysomos that had ranked India at 9th largest twitter using nation.

In just couple of months, has India has moved from being a country in 9th position to 3rd is ? – Quite surprising.

The report that has been published by Sweta on globalthouthz, that shows India accounting for 7% of all Twitter users. United States is the top country with 42% twitter users followed by Germany (8%) and India.

Here  is the snap shot of 2 reports:

GlobalThouthz twitter post (September 2009)


Top countries using Twitter

Sysomos twitter report (July 2009)



If you compare twitter users percentage in both the reports, American user base has come down from 62% to 42% (may be because of increase in users in other countries). Germany’s twitter user base is grown from just 1.51% to 8% and India’s is grown from 0.87% to 7%.

Something has to be wrong somewhere !

Here is a surprise for you – I decided to make use of Google Insights to find out if it can give me some correct information. It may not give the exact numbers, but I think it is the most neutral and logical view of how Popular is twitter amongst all countries.

Google Insight basically lets you know how popular a particular keyword (for e.g: twitter) is over a time frame.

The Findings will surprise you.

Google Insight Twitter Findings


Twitter Search Volume Index

Google Insight Regional Interest in Twitter


twitter-using-countriesGoogle Insight does not even list India in the top 10 countries for the keyword “twitter”. This may not be a conclusive finding, but I really dont think that India has climbed to 3rd position as the latest Globalthoughtz post depicts.

Tweeples what do you think? Where does India stand on the Global Twitter usage map?

  1. Olmo | EV Simulator says

    Thank you for the statistics. I was just looking for that. With this data, it is possible to understand how twitter strategies will work differently on different countries.



  2. Preetam Rai says

    Japan should be higher, you probably don’t see it because many Japanese are on

  3. All About Presentations says

    I am also surprised to see India on No. 3
    Going by our population, this is possible but going by our internet penetration levels and awareness about twitter among the masses, this number is a huge surprise!

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