India Online – A presentation


Just came across this presentation on Slideshare and thought of sharing it with our readers.

The presentation gives a nice pictorial view of where Online India stands today, namely, Internet Penetration, Top Online Players, Indian Digital divide etc.

Although this presentation is only a preview, it can serve as a quick reference for our readers. Some Interesting facts in there as well.

Note: View the presentation in “full mode”

  1. Anonymous says

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  2. Lakshmi says

    More details on PC & Internet penetration in India available on :

  3. Aayush Puri says

    Actually Trendsspotting is a pretty interesting blog as they dive deep into a subject providing proper research and numbers based on their analysis.

  4. online comedy show says

    Hello Arun

    Thanks for sharing this slide show. I had trouble in reading minute details coz font size was very small.

    Best part was the list of Social Networking sites most used by Indians. I really needed it.

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