Internet turns 40 !


Internet just completed 40th year of its existence and I am sure it is here to stay moving from strength to strength.


Here is the Chronology of events in the life of Internet


  • On September 2, two computers at University of California, Los Angeles, exchange meaningless data in first test of Arpanet, an experimental military network 1972
  • Ray Tomlinson brings email to the network, choosing @ as a way to specify email addresses belonging to other systems 1973
  • Arpanet gets first international nodes, in England and Norway 1974
  • Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn develop communications technique called TCP, allowing multiple networks to understand one another, creating a true internet 1983
  • Domain name system is proposed. Creation of suffixes such as ‘.com’, ‘.gov’ and ‘.edu’ comes a year later


  • One of the first internet worms, Morris, cripples thousands of computers


  • Tim Berners- Lee creates the World Wide Web while developing ways to control computers remotely


  • Marc Andreessen and colleagues at University of Illinois create Mosaic, the first web browser to combine graphics and text on a single page


  • Andreessen and others on the Mosaic team form a company to develop the first commercial web browser, Netscape. Two immigration lawyers introduce the world to spam, advertising their green card lottery services


  • Napster popularizes music file-sharing and spawns successors that have permanently changed the recording industry


  • The dot-com boom of the 1990s becomes a bust as technology companies slide


  • Mark Zuckerberg starts Facebook at Harvard University


  • Launch of YouTube video-sharing site 2007
  • Apple releases iPhone, introducing millions more to wireless internet access

World internet population surpasses 250 million in 1999, 500 million in 2002, 1 billion in 2006 and 1.5 billion in 2008

Just imagine how would it be if there was no Internet today?

  1. Pierre F. Lherisson says

    The emergence of the internet has been a significant scientific breakthrough in terms of acquisition, diffusion and transmission of data, information and knowledge.
    The internet is relatively new but it permeates every sphere of human endeavors; the internet is a catalyst that virtually shrinking time and space; it is erasing national boundaries and facilitating interactive exchange of information globally; it is engendering new habit formations and heightening speed and efficiency to an unprecedented level in human history.
    As of 2009, the internet users representing 25% of the world population; this percentage is widening because the price of computers continues to dwindling and the potential benefits that are associated with the internet are convincing more people to become literate and to buy computers.

  2. online comedy show says

    Hello Arun

    This post is bit incomplete without talking little bit about GOOGLE.
    Maybe thats my perception but we all depend a lot on Google. Moreover Internet and Google are synonyms now :)


  3. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Internet started 4 decades ago but its potential is just unravelling. It is in a sense a open source kind of thing where it is being built upon every day. It has become a great leveller, a phenomenon that we can tell stories about to our kids… stories of hotmail, and google, of twitter and facebook and many more.

    This is a little geeky but I think when we cannot forget 2000 and the ubiquity of the internet without CISCO – the company that made routers which helped devices from many companies talk to each other. As a result, the internet spread like it did.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Madhav, well said.
      Just yesterday I was talking to someone about future of Internet, and what I told him was – Internet will spread to every device that we use on daily basis, be it your Freeze, your car, your TV, your watch etc and you will be connected all the time. It will be extremely difficult to live your life without it.

  4. Suban says

    This is really good history and informative. Are we not completely dependent on Internet? Something which is found by Humans and the same Humans have become parasites in this web, so called World Wide Web. We should really appreciate the person who gave the right name World Wide “Web”.

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