Rs. 450 Laptop: It will NOT happen…period



10 dollar Laptop

Over last couple of years I have been hearing about so called $10 laptop every now and then. I really want to know people who think it is possible? Whoever think it is possible are surely living in the dream world.

Our babus make a mockery of themselves by speaking about it every now and then.

Are our ministers so misinformed that they harbour such dream? or is it just way of creating a buzz for themselves. I will never understand.

Now if you read this article, our respected minister is saying that if 1 Lakh car Nano is possible, then Rs. 450 laptop is very much possible.

One Lakh is probably half of what next cheapest car costs. The cheapest laptop currently in market is probably $200 (or 10,000 rupees), and our honourable minister is expecting it to cut to $10 !

It is just NOT POSSIBLE…period !

If at all the laptop is manufactured at such a low cost ($10), it will be a miracle. I will eat my words !!

  1. Kiran says

    Even with millions in subsidies and lot of free marketing and selling, a $100 laptop from the One Laptop per Child program is not close to reality.
    $200 Netbooks are already here – and hence a definition of a laptop might be in need here. $10 laptop – yeah, here you go, a 2 inch screen where you can do frikkin nothin.

  2. Sriram Vadlamani says

    Forget laptops. How many phones do we have for 450 rupees? Second hand are not qualified.

  3. Raja says

    I Think manufacturing a laptop for $10 may not be possible, but there could be a way to sell Laptop for $10 by using a proper business model.

    What I mean is, in US cell phones are free if you lock -in for a carrier for some time. Something similar can also happen in $10 laptop :-)

    Note: In India Reliance sold the cellphones for Rs 500/- , similar things can happen here also, all we need is a good sustainable business model.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      You know that is only a marketing gimmick…I have used those free phone which has monthly charges more than $30 a month. The enduser ends up paying more than the cost of just phone….

      I am saying the manufacturing cost of this barebone lappy cannot be less than 5k …forget 500 rupees…

  4. KIRTI says

    nything dey blabber to come into notice..!

  5. VJ says

    I seriously do not understand what these guys mean by a laptop for 10$.They created such a hype sometime back where they finally released something like a USB drivee

  6. Aayush Puri says

    Yup…atleast not without any subsidy!

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