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Microsoft OneApp brings Smartphone features to Low end mobile phones


The mobile Landscape is changing. Although a lot of innovation is happening at the top-end Smartphones, nothing much seems to be going on for high volume low-end feature phones.

Microsoft seems to have targeted this high volume huge potential market with its launch of Microsoft OneApp.


Microsoft OneApp allows low-end “feature phones” to run popular mobile phone applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger and Mobile Wallet.

This is very interesting and probably the need of the hour for market like India where more than 400 million people are using low-end feature phones.

With OneApp, these users will be able to do things they couldn’t do before with their feature phones — anything from paying their bills to helping diagnose their health issues or just staying connected with friends and family.

Here is one of the Microsoft guys talking more about OneApp and showing a simple demo of how OneApp works:

Here are some of the features of OneApp:

  • The OneApp lightweight on-phone footprint of just 150 KB makes the initial installation easy and fast.
  • OneApp dynamically launches just the parts of a mobile app that a person wants to use, eliminating additional installation time and the need for a person to store all of the mobile apps on the phone.
  • OneApp includes cloud services that help offload processing and storage from the phone to the Internet, improving overall performance.
  • OneApp uses data networks efficiently to reduce data access charges, saving money for the customer.

The other good feature about OneApp is that it is open for software developers, who can write new apps for OneApp using industry standards such as JavaScript and XML. The OneApp software developer kit is expected to be available for developers by the end of 2009.

Microsoft is launching OneApp application on test basis in South Africa in partnership with Blue Label Telecoms. It will probably test waters there before moving to voluminous markets of India & China.

Interesting times ahead !

  1. Ankit says

    The Ruthless giant is out in the mobile space too!! Wonder if they ever stop to get a piece of pie of everything.
    They have been agressive with their Win Mob OS for mobile and now entering the whole app thingy.

    Call me a microsfot basher, but is it their attempt to ape Apple’s app store.If Apple can do it, so can/should we seems to be the ideology here.
    Though a good thing for the consumer , he gets to choose:D

  2. sasi says

    Anyway the phone perfectly suitable for the Indian market but the people expecting more featured phone at low price so the price of the mobile is too impotent as well as the features

    any one can tell the approximate price

  3. Sharad Harjai says

    truly an interesting concept… As far as I remember Microsoft hasn’t released any innovative idea since long… Nice to see them back in market…. Well I agree with Sriram that user friendliness will be a core feature of this app… but what else is there for us… ll get to know in near future… !!!

  4. Aayush Puri says

    @Sriram – Agree to the 2 points that you made.
    Additionally I think Microsoft made the correct decision of realizing that Java dominates the mobile market right now and hence in order to be successful they had to come up with something that targets Java based mobile phones.

    Certainly a very interesting concept!

  5. Sriram Vadlamani says

    Snaptu is one such application which readily comes to my mind.

    When Microsoft jumps in the mobile apps space and keeps it open, 2 things are bound to happen.
    1. User friendliness will go to a new level.
    2. Many developers will start developing apps for the platform.

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