3-D TV! Did you know about it?



I first got to know about 3-D TV while reading this and thought of sharing. Technology is advancing at a pace which is really difficult to track even with tools like Wikipedia and Google and truly speaking, I didn’t have a clue about them before I read this news.

But it’s very much official now- Panasonic is promoting its 3-D TV very aggressively and even Sony is trying for it. Philips is already out with its 3-D TV prototype. Samsung is 3rd in line. When I did a wiki I got to understand the working procedure behind this. Here is a simple diagram which tries to clarify the technology behind it:


As we can understand from the figure the procedure is to first get the 3D content from Broadcasters. This can be done either by direct 3D recording or by converting existing 2D content to 3D content. After that it’s coded, transmitted and at the end is viewed over any 3D television using special glasses that come along with the TV itself.

Seeing the usability, I think that this type of TV is best suited for video gaming. Just think of it, the amount of fun element it will add to Video Gaming. As its very difficult to convert traditional videos into 3D format, new games can very well adapt to the situation and can start creating new games which will be 3D compatible.

I can hardly wait for the enjoyment that experience will provide me!

Has any of the readers seen or know more about 3D-TV, would be great to hear from them.

[This Media Monday post has been written by Rabi Gupta, a start up enthusiast and co-founder of iDubba (Intelligent Box).]

  1. roddy says

    I have been waiting for a while now for us to reach this point because i am a domainer and i have some great 3d tv website addresses including


    I guess fair to say i am a fan , i once saw a film at a cinema and it was not an issue to wear clear glasses. I soon forgot i was even wearing them and the film was great, i hate the way people keep saying the glasses are a drawback

    Trust me ………well worth it and great fun

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