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Blogging scene in India is steadily growing. I remember when I started blogging in May 2007, there were hardly any blogs that were popular except, Labnol and couple of others.

But now the blogging scene in India is improved. There are number of Indian blogs catering to various fields that are getting traction and good amount of traffic (still dismal though compared to our western counterparts.)

This research report shows what and how does Indians Blog. This report is called

“I Blog therefore I am”

This report has been written by Sneha Gore as part of her curriculum of Masters in Communication Studies programme conducted by University of Pune.

The reason I am publishing this report is that I have not found any comprehensive study on Blogging in India, this is probably the first one that gets into some details about what is the thought process of Indian bloggers.

The report primarily looks at behaviours of the Indian bloggers and how
are the blogs used by them from a communication perspective.

The aim of this research is to study the young Indian urban bloggers with reference to their psychosocial activity and other factors influencing that.
To achieve this aim it was broken in objectives of studying the blogging activity, understanding the motivations behind blogging and other factors influencing it, as well as looking the bloggers with reference to various entities existing in real and virtual society.
The goal here is not to generalize the findings, but to show a range of blogging contours. To achieve this aim, 20 bloggers were selected based on specific criterion, and a qualitative method of in depth interviews was executed.

Here is the full Report – “I Blog therefore I am”

For any questions on this report, you can get in touch with the author on her email ID (given on the first page of report)

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