Are we done with investing in India?


India is the second largest investor in UK. There were 108 foreign direct investments and GTL Communications and Times group-Virgin Radio tie-up are two such investments.

India will invest $4.2 billion in Ethiopia across 439 investment projects and Indian entrepreneurs have received licenses for these investments. When they say investments I guess it is not social service and they expect their returns.

Investing in India

A Singapore based group Calamander is raising funds from Indian investors to invest in Sri Lanka. Now, that is what I call true globalization!

Singapore-India-Sri Lanka – Investments are following the flight routes now? I can understand the reason why people want to invest in Sri Lanka. It has political stability now.

UK-Ethiopia-Sri Lanka (is that a sea route) are the favored destinations now. There might be more but this is the only news which was public. And remember India is not a tax-free destination like a Mauritius or a Cayman islands.

There is nothing wrong in investing in a foreign country. In fact that might lift the image of our country. But, are we done with India?

We are not at a point where we say there is nothing left in this country to invest and our money doesn’t give the maximum returns. Just look at the Sensex. There is a stable government and it zoomed up 2000 points in less than 15 minutes. Which other country promises that kind of returns? I know its all business and investors need to make money. But, India is not exhausted. There are multiple opportunities just waiting to be grabbed. There is a fortune to be made.

What is going out of India is some serious money. If we look at the inflow and outflow may be we still have a healthy inflow. But, when investors are pouring money (and loads of it) into the country why are our own investors going offshore.

What’s the rationale behind all this?

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