Do We Have the Standing Ground For Making It Big in Cloud Computing??


Cloud Computing is becoming the latest buzz word in the Information Technology Sector. Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM have all been investing heavily in Cloud Computing. Come to think of it, it could actually revolutionize the way we have come to use the PC and Internet. Infact, is completely living on the cloud with its pay as you use Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Model.

Cloud Computing in India

I have no qualms against it and infact, I am all for Cloud Computing or Software as a Service(SaaS) as it is most commonly referred to.

What does bother me though is if Cloud Computing can actually become a . Sure, we have had a huge number of SME’s and SMB’s switching over to Cloud Computing Solutions. Infact, Amazon S3 has been great success across the globe and a huge number of Indian websites have been using it.

India Inc. as a consumer for Cloud Computing is a scenario where I see Cloud Computing ‘s prowess in full flow. It is however, India Inc. as a provider of Cloud Computing Solutions that I have concerns and will be more than happy to have them shunned.

Consider the case of the Airtel Net PC- The Cloud Computing Service By Airtel on broadband. Give me a break will you! I have been an Airtel Broadband Customer for long enough to say that their broadband service or rather put euphemistically -Internet 24/7 has never lived up to its name.

For that matter, let’s just say any Internet Service Provider is not with a huge share of dissatisfied customer base.

Do a twitter search with "Internet connection+#fail" or any combinations of the same any day and you will agree with me.

To make things clear, I am all for India Inc. making it big as a provider for Cloud Computing Services rather than just being the consumers. The only issue here is to understand and identify  that we have the Ground to see the Cloud.

1. Can we have uninterrupted power supply?

2.Can we have uninterrupted Internet Connectivity?

It is clear that India Inc. is still a laggard when it comes to having the right infrastructure for Cloud Computing. We are nation where un-interrupted Internet Connectivity/power supply is still considered a luxury.

So, investing huge amount of money in developing Cloud Computing solutions without the customer unable to utilize it owing to slow Internet Connections makes little sense. Why not first work towards getting the base right? I agree that the ISP’s might need a little helping hand from the government to ensure that 24/7 Internet actually become a reality as against a virtual reality today. Yes, the lack of Infrastructure should not hinder the research and development in Cloud Computing-The Future of Computing, but it should not be done to ape the West or neither to get a early share in the pie that is Cloud Computing.

What are your thoughts on the same.

PS: I am in no way trying to degrade Airtel or any other ISP’s here.

[This post has been sent by an anonymous blogger, who is working in the field of Finance and Stock Markets]

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  2. Sumit says

    nice topic. the only thing is don’t think of an isp angel here, tgink of an IT company in the histing space who can actually make investors’ heads turn with a fab business model.
    Now once u have the money to a server farm or a next gen data center(which is a prerequisite for cloud) all u need is the same business continuuity paln or a disaster recovery plan as an IT company has. Think abt it even a tier III IT company will have 24 hr power and net connectivity if this isn’t true then our Indian IT industry would have collapsed way back. So it ain’t abt infrastructure it’s more abt investments.
    So the real question is who is the provider of cloud services ir who makes the cloud

  3. Yogesh Malik says

    Even if i have stable electricity, enough bandwidth , but how i am going to solve latency problem in this part of the world. If you get to know why latency is high in India , no progress in technology can solve this issue. there has to be some disruptive technology coming out us, as this is not a global problem.

  4. Ankit says

    U are right in pointing out that Cloud has primarly been used for hosting services but then it is in nascent stage right now.So, further applications must be on the cards for sure.
    Infact, Airtel NetPC has been targeted at the public consumer.Moreover, with Salesforce also, it is not your hosting that is on cloud.infact, your complete CRM application is runnin on cloud

  5. Dharmesh says

    Hi All,

    When it comes to India, who all & what all are currently provided as Cloud? Can anybody reply to this.
    I have seen, most of service providers building huge data centers, however, these are primarily are for hosting services & not for Public cloud…..

  6. Philip says

    continuous and reliable power is what is first needed in India. A good broadband network comes second. Since broadband is being pushed by the private companies, am more optimistic about that than the power situation in our country.

    Without these 2 in place, cloud computing will take a long time to become a reality.

  7. Samrat P says

    gud one arun…


  8. Viktor says

    Great post Arun. I agree with you, as of now it is hype, but things are changing. The power infrastructure is not the same in all states/Union Territories of India. The infrastructure in Chandigarh is great.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Viktor, let me tell you that Chandigarh is probably the only place where India has done some great planning and executed it well on its Infrastructure. But you go any where else, even in Metros, it is not the same and there is a reason to it. The growth has been so stupendous that our public works department just cannot keep pace with it.
      But I am glad to know that there is someone who is hopeful :)

  9. Sriram Vadlamani says

    I forgot to answer the question.

    The answer is a resounding NO. We don’t have the backbone.

  10. Dhananjay Nene says

    I think there are multiple dimensions to the question :

    a) Can India provide the reliable infrastructure (power, bandwidth)? We are not close to that yet
    b1) Can India compete economically in this space? Again I am not so sure yet due to the high costs of both power and bandwidth
    b2) Can India reproduce its IT / BPO success into cloud infrastruture? Again very unlikely unless labour becomes a dominant cost.
    c) Can India offer “lower cost” with potentially lower reliability poor man’s cloud? I suspect this is what will grow in India for the foreseeable future.
    d) Has India demonstrated capability of developing and maintaining large scale out architectures necessary to leverage a cloud infrastructure? I haven’t seen it yet.

    Having said that, maybe there’s a potential for India – but its a little too far out right now

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @d7y thanks for dropping by and commenting. You are spot on with your 4 points, especially the point “C” that you mentioned. I would be inclined to actually directly write-off point A, b and b1, it just doesnt seem possible to me.
      C is highly likely and I would probably put my money on it,
      while D, I am neutral.
      Very good points :)

    2. Sriram Vadlamani says

      BSNL and Novatium’s NetPC and Airtel and Novia’s netpc are the step in the right direction. They got the pricing and product right. The only thing as you have pointed out is the connectivity. That really sucks. The state of broadband in India is deplorable and I have been suffering fromthis.

      Cloud computing coupled with a mobile phone on a 3G might be a better bet than a PC. India have to skip the PC

  11. Ankit says

    A valid point i guess given how over hyped Cloud Computing has become in recent time.We have billions of dollars being pumped in R&D since this is touted as being the next big thing.And ofcourse, everyone is trying to take the pole position here.

    It is heartening to see India too gunning for its share of the pie, but i have to agree with the author on the lack of infrastructure here.Cloud Computing wont hold good for any1 without the connectivity to the Internet.
    However, Cloud Computing should provide with an impetus to work on ensuring that the ISP’s give a serious thought to ensure that they ensure the best services.As for the electricty, nothing much can be done since the government has a huge role to play in it:)

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