Engineering grads still prefer IT. Is that a problem or a solution?


As per a recent survey by Nielsen Campus Track most of the engineering students prefer Information Technology irrespective of what their specialization in engineering was.


If we take the top choice as Information Technology and the related services – there is a trend which we have seen in the past 10 years. The phenomenal rise of Indian IT industry and the notion that it is the only industry which can offer better pay are the two main reasons for this high inclination towards IT. Can we blame them?

If this was 1980 then we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. As most of the students have already left to the US to be employed in a top company. There were very few opportunities in the private sector then and public sector did not have as many jobs.

The rise of Indian IT means it can provide employment to the lakhs of engineering graduates who otherwise would be unemployed or left to different countries.

We should be glad that India has tried its best to keep the talent here in India. That should be big Thank You to the Indian IT industry.

Fewer than 1 in 4 of India’s engineers are immediately employable, estimates the National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSCOM), the lobbying group for India’s IT sector. Others barely speak English or graduate from universities where nearly 65% of the students fail, as in Tamil Nadu state’s 150 engineering colleges, according to a study by the accreditation council of India. "This is a serious problem for the entire country," says the human resources head of Infosys, Mohandas Pai.

Infosys typically hires tens of thousands of engineers every year, only to have to train them for 16 weeks at a cost of $5,000 per student before they are ready to work. "We could add two or three [percentage points] to our growth figures," he says, "if the government just invested intelligently in our largest resource, which has always been manpower." (Business Week)

IT managed in spite of these deficiencies. With India getting younger when compared with the rest of the world, providing employment to millions of young people would be a big challenge. IT cannot accommodate all of them. There should be alternate industries which should come up. And the education system should be bolstered.

Engineering students choosing IT is a solution to keep the talent here in India. But it is at best a band-aid which works until the actual wound is healed.

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  1. Jaiprakash says

    Private engineering grads are half-baked cakes from the oven. They neither know their subject nor anything about engineering. Ask a private engineering grad to solve a simple math problem, they start to fumble. So talking about what they like or dislike is a waste of time.

    Aholes pay their way thru engineering college and bribe their way for jobs. This they continue throughout their life. They form separate group of their own wherever they go. They cannot even compare with a normal university graduate in maths or science. They copy in the examinations and they cheat in the interviews. They have question paper and answers handed out by some company insider before the interview. They memorize the same answers and tell them in the interview and pass.

    Private engineering grads have brought down the standard in the country and even abroad. Whatever name and fame was earned by IITians and govt. engineering grads these so called private engineering a-holes have fked up everything.

    All the hype about Indian engineering guys is nonsense – the private engineering fkrs have mixed with the genuine engineering grads and created a big hoax. These fraudsters should be flogged in public. They should be made to take the interview again and once they fail they should be ousted from the companies without notice or salary! No wonder thousands of these fraudsters are losing their jobs.

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