Its raining Smartphones here !


Just 6 months back when I was in market for picking up a new mobile Smartphone, I had hardly any choices, but in last few weeks its raining Smartphones here in India. The Monsoon may be delayed a bit, but Smartphone monsoons have seen mobile markets flooded !

Just yesterday, I heard that world’s 3 largest PC maker, Acer, has announced launch of 5 new Smartphones in India. They would be in the price range of between Rs 16,000 and Rs 35,000.

Acer debuts in Indian market with five smartphones

Acer, has also announced that it will launch Total of 9 handheld devices in India, making its foray into suddenly competitive Smartphone segment.

Just a day before Acer’s launch, HTC announced that it will unveil India’s first Android mobile handset, based on the open source platform for mobile devices.

Bharti Airtel will be the exclusive carrier for this Android HTC device that is likely to be priced at around Rs 25,000.

HTC had also recently launched the HTC Touch Diamond2 Smartphone in India with a price tag of Rs 29,990.

Less than a week earlier LG, who is looking to aggressively penetrate the hugely growing Indian mobile market, will launch nearly 50 new mobile handsets by the end of this year.

LG said three new Smartphones Crystal, GM 730, and Viewty Smart will hit the Indian markets soon. LG is aiming to double its market share to 11 percent in the dramatically growing GSM mobile telephony market in India.

LG Viewty Smarty Smartphone


Samsung is not far behind as well. They also announced that it will roll out its high-end fully touch screen Smartphone – Samsung Jet – in the Indian market by the end of this month. Samsung Jet, boasting of a 3.1 inch screen, a 5 mega pixel camera with video recording capability, built-in GPS, and a slew of multimedia features, will be priced at Rs 24,150 in India.

And who will forget that all this started with Nokia announcing its, so called Iphone beater – The NOKIA N97- and Apple immediately following it up with its upgraded slimmer and sexier version of first generation Iphone – The IPHONE 3GS

So guys, take your pick – But remember for all what they offer, they ain’t coming cheap to you. They will burn your pockets upwards of 25k – so watch out for holes in your pocket :)

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  2. niranjan says

    If I am permitted to say, it looks like you weren’t serious about smartphones as you didn’t look out beyond the ads, the hoopla and fanfare. You certainly missed out many “hardcores”: Blackberry, HTC and Nokia. Nokia E75 is already in market and Nokia E72 will be out in few months. Not to forget the rock solid Nokia E71 termed as the best smart phone of 2008 (, more on E71:
    And there were, of course, many Winmo based smartphone models phones from Samsung, ASUS, and LG to chose from.

  3. Mark says

    Good blog and they certainly will burn a hole in your pocket I am very torn about making a choice on purchases here its difficult I love the touch screens but are they really worth the wad of cash they are, maybe time will tell, thanks for the informative article me and the crew over at TravelHQR had a good debate about the best ones!

  4. Mandar Vaze says

    Samsung is also introducing i7500 – its android phone to India by July – Price Unknown

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