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It’s Mahindra Satyam now. Do you like it?


All right, we got some news. Satyam Computers which was taken over by Tech Mahindra has renamed Satyam as Mahindra Satyam. Rebranding is one of the things which was highly recommended to shed the phantom of Raju.

Mahindra Satyam is the new company name. To me it doesn’t rhyme. But if it works nothing like it.

“This rebranding exercise symbolises an amalgamation of the MahindraMahindra-Satyam Group’s values with Satyam’s fabled expertise, even as it retains that part of Satyam’s identity which signifies commitment, purpose and proficiency of the organisation and its people.” (Business line)

Satyam has seen some remarkable turn around ever since Tech Mahindra bought it. In fact both Tech Mahindra and Satyam were in trouble to start with. No body knew what to expect. Satyam did not participate in the big bull rally of 2000 point surge. That is when I sold my stock. Big mistake.

Something miraculous happened after that. Tech Mahindra disclosed Satyam’s more than satisfactory numbers which gave a good indication that the operating margin is more than 3% and the company is profitable. That was a fitting reply to Satyam’s ‘noteworthy rivals’ who dropped it from their noteworthy rivals list.

Even Tech Mahindra seen its stock jump  by visiting the upper circuit more often than it normally would. The gamble paid off for Tech Mahindra. With Tech Mahindra and Satyam Mahindra the expertise and the business is diversified and the combined company is ready to break into the top 5 (or it already has).

A very happy ending to a sad and bitter story that rocked India Inc.

I have a feeling that the re-branding will not stop here. 1 or 2 years down the line, when Satyam’s clients get used to the Mahindra name may be, they will drop Satyam.

Mahindra Satyam – Do you like it?

  1. Ash says

    Mahindra Satyam brand allows for the stability, ethical way of Mahindras to stand up besides the core competence of technology and serviced quality that Satyam stood for. This is a great name for an old stalwart that seeks to regain its rightful market place. Good going!

  2. Mahesh says

    Mahindra will first establish itself with the customers of satyam. Once the business starts going on then they may think of removing satyam from the company name. Also they can go for a new name in coming years which may sound like a proper IT company. After all the abuses, somewhere satyam is still a brand and Mahindra can leverage out of it.

  3. skp says

    Currently the name does not sound good. The logo of Satyam was gone and scrapped. Now the Mahindra logo came . For name sake and not to create a panic ‘satyam’ is kept in the last. But over a period of time the company name may change to ‘Mahindra Technogies Ltd’ , If I were the decision maker I would have named it as ‘Mahindra Technologies Ltd’

    The current name does not sound like an IT company. Some word like Technology , Infotech should come in the last to have an impact .

    The name Satyam is so abused , and re-branding is only for once . They could have decided not to use ‘Satyam’ .

  4. nmatthews says

    Satyam was a brand name.Maybe Mahindra Satyam may not sound that good……but actually what counts is what the company delivers!!

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  5. Philip says

    Satyam has no choice anyway. Its a much vilified name. All Mahindra wants is their business and skills. Once the transfer / integration goes smoothly, they will drop the Satyam from their name.

  6. Arun Prabhudesai says

    I think you have put it very correctly –

    “I have a feeling that the re-branding will not stop here. 1 or 2 years down the line, when Satyam’s clients get used to the Mahindra name may be, they will drop Satyam.”

    I am sure Mahindra wants to erase “Satyam” tag as early as possible.

    1. Sriram Vadlamani says

      That is the reason why the name Mahindra appears at the start.

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