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Why do we look for an Indian connection in almost anything?


Before I start let me confess this.  I have done this in the past and will continue to do in the future.

In whatever we do we look for an Indian connection. Be it the top lists, or a new technology, or Obama’s aides or the Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal’s roots or the person who took the picture on the Bing home screen. There has to be an Indian connection. And Yeah English cricketer Nasser Hussain was born in India.

For any major event, , media immediately searches for an Indian connection. That includes blogs too.

For example, Arun has posted the top 50 buzzing startups in the tech world and there was a Indian connection. A good conversation followed in the comments looking deeper and wider into the Indian connections. Why do we do that?

If the same list was looked at by a person in the US, would he be looking at the list in the same way or would he be thinking in a different way? I bet the later. Reason is, they know that America has already arrived. It no longer has to look for American connection. In the converse is true. If there is no American connection then they have a problem.

The same doesn’t hold good for India. If we are on the list or any cabinet then we cheer. That is an achievement.

The recent success of Slumdog Millionaire has prompted a whole new discussion. Some where online a title read : India is panting after Slumdog. Actually India was panting even before Slumdog. Only west did not hear or see its panting. Slumdog was just a show case event.

If I can remind everybody – India is the most happening place on the earth. It has arrived. It is only a matter of time to sink that feeling in and look beyond the Indian connection.

Should we be looking beyond the Indian connection?

  1. Maddy says

    Thats because when indians read about it they get inspired. I feel nothing wrong in seeing the indian connection in something sucessfull.

  2. vbb says

    What I think is ,It happens with anybody in the world.Say a person living in Brazil will always look for a Brazilian connection in anything he looks at.What is special about India is that the participation in almost all areas which create a news-be it Technology,Sports or Fashion-has increased considerably hence we tend to look for an Indian connection everywhere.
    And Yes..there is a lot of difference in this perspective too.The Times of India will GLORIFY any Indian connection while The Hindu may just have a brief mention.

  3. philip says

    maybe its because we have less success internationally that we intentionally / unintentionally start to look up at people of Indian origin when they make a mark internationally.

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