Why Google e-Books are better than Amazon’s Kindle


I know what you might be thinking. This dude just dissed Google the other day and now he praising it. Well, that’s not what I am doing here. The reason for this new found love for Google is its ebooks strategy. And my love is only limited to this strategy of Google.

The problem with Amazon’s Kindle and the ebooks they sell is this. Amazon sells the ebooks only for Kindle. At least Google that’s what I found out. I don’t think that is fair. When companies start to sell products, which only work on their platform, then it becomes proprietary. If you remember that’s what Microsoft does and that is where Google’s motto of Do no Evil comes from.

As long as you hold on to something and you limit the use of it the chances of your success are limited to the people who you have limited it to. This is where Amazon has failed and Google will succeed.

Google’s e-Books and its tie-ups are not limited to Kindle or a Sony reader or to your iPhone. They will work on almost any platform. Now, that’s what I call being open and making money too.

Where is this coming from? I tried to buy few books online, as getting hard copy would be a nightmare. I was thoroughly disappointed with the way Amazon sold its eBooks. It is only selling for Kindle. I don’t have a Kindle and would like to buy one and read it on my laptop. But, guess what they don’t sell Kindle’s in India. Now, I can source it from America somehow without knowing if it would work or not. The risk for the amount of money spent on it is not worth taking.

Compare that with what Google is doing. It is trying to liberalize the e-Book market by not limiting it to any platform.

Turvey said that Google would probably allow publishers to charge consumers the same price for digital editions as they do for new hardcover versions. However, he said, Google would reserve the right to adjust prices that it deemed “exorbitant”. (Mint)

This to me is the only problem with the proposed eBooks from Google. But, unlike Amazon I can actually buy it.

Which one do you think would work? Google’s or Amazon’s?

PS : Is there a place where I can buy the latest books in eBooks format?

PPS : Will Amazon Kindle work in India?

  1. Pallab Gupta says

    Kindle books are not limited to the Kindle device (if that is what you mean by platform). The Kindle app is available for PC/Mac/Phone and is even cloud based. Please do your research.

  2. Sriram Vadlamani says

    @Mandar : Are you sure? Because I am planning to buy one and don’t want to hack my way through the $400 baby.

    @Lucas : That’s a personal preference. But, as I have said getting the hard copy is a pain here in India.

    @Chaudhary : You made a great point about Torrents. Strategies like that of Kindle make people to look for other avenues and torrents is the first one.

    The books should go the iTunes way only then will we have a flatter world.

  3. Lucas says

    I didn’t know that either one of them were selling e-books! Personally, I’d rather have the hardcopy! I don’t think I’d be comfortable trying to read a book over a computer!

  4. D Chaudhury says

    There are a number of book readers, many of which are popular in Europe, which are not proprietary. The e-book reader market is still to boom, and its heartening to know that Google is working hard at the monopoly that Kindle almost demanded by its marketing.
    Meanwhile, you can try out ‘Bookeen’ (which I have used) and more
    These support any format, including pdf’s.
    Meanwhile try ‘Mobipocket’ and you can read a book on your mobile!
    Psst – if you cant find an e-book compatible to a reader, try contacting the publisher, or else, unfortunately, you can try routes like using Torrent sites.

  5. Mandar Vaze says

    I think Kindle would work in India as e-book reader. The only feature that would not work in “buying” directly on kindle (via 3G network) But one can still buy the book on PC and sync via USB to kindle

  6. Mandar says

    I think Kindle

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