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World can’t get enough of Nano – the $2000 car

Tata Motors did not drop the price of Nano but when it was announced 1 lakh rupees was $2500. Because of the rising dollar against rupee the car is now worth $2000 and even more desired than it was first launched.

The reason I say the world can’t get enough of Nano is simply because an article about Nano on MSN got dugg  – 374 times. What’s the big deal? Typically, anything about India doesn’t get on digg. It is a rare moment, may be once in a week or so. When it is dugg, it typically is about a weird thing noted by the foreign eye.

I searched India and the top picks are, Bull Surfing in India, How to cross a road in India, Arrests in India after hepatitis B kills 32. And then there is the Slumdog’s coverage. Really, is that how it should be?

That’s too much of a tangent. Let’s get back to Nano. This $2000 city car is not available in America and they are not happy about it. When the global economy is in dumps and when it needs at least 2 – 3 years to recover, the first thing they need is a cheap car.

It already caused the much-needed disruption in the home market where the used car prices have dropped by 30%. Now, when exports start, we might as well see the same kind of disruption overseas. Tata Nano would sure mark a new chapter in the auto industry. It really doesn’t matter if it wasn’t dugg enough.

Tata Nano will start rolling out of assembly lines on March 23 and people can buy it from April. The basic version without any frills will cost 1 lakh and the deluxe version will cost a bit more. When we add the taxes, we don’t like, the car might actually cost a tad above 1.3 lakhs.

Next time around, the BMW doesn’t excite people as much as the Nano does.

For all the people in India, Tata Nano is the 1-lakh car you can buy. For the people in America there is a $2000 car and you can’t buy it.

Sriram Vadlamani :Sriram Vadlamani is the Editor and co-founder of The Gadget Fan and a columnist at Asian Correspondent. You can follow him on twitter @6sv