Finally, we can have a universal mobile charger


You have to wait till 2012 though. Finally, the mobile makers have agreed upon a common interface for the charger. 20 mobile manufacturers have agreed upon this new interface. The new interface will be a mini USB. Blackberry Storm already uses this interface.

CHarging_stationThis was decided upon at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This proposed new charger could as well be called as a green charger for the amount of greenhouse gases it reduces. It is estimated that the new charger will reduce the standby energy consumption by 50%. The estimate is based on the potential elimination of 51,000 tonnes of duplicate chargers.

Why did it take so long for something this simple? In the hindsight that looks like a simple question. But, like all industries, mobile industry has evolved and is now trying to mature. This move would reduce the mobile accessories market drastically. But, the user experience is unparalleled. Now, companies don’t need a complex charging station and homes will be clutter less. Just one charger to charge – whatever the number of mobile phones you have.

This one-size-fits all mobile charger will bring in some losses to the mobile industry. But, the ease of use for the customers and the new environmental record had made them agree upon this new model. This news comes in only after 2 days of another major collaboration. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have teamed up on a common platform to clean up duplicate content on web. Looks like collaboration is the new mantra.

The new question in your 2012 office might be – Do you have a charger? And the mobile charging stations will look like they have been designed by Apple. Nice.

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  1. ram says

    dont buy the charger

  2. ram says

    the charger is not working properly please do not buy it

  3. Home Business in India says

    I am proud to whoever invented this. It’s useful for those people who unintentionally forgot their charger somewhere. But where specifically will this be placed in the public? because am thinking about the security of the mobile phones. Will there be a security guard or what?

  4. haider_up32 says

    the new interface is micro-usb and not mini-usb…earlier also they decided on micro-usb but uptil now only few nokia phones have micro-usb.LG introduced it in cheap rd-3600,3500,3510 handsets

  5. Jhangora says

    Good news for people like me who forget their mobile chargers often. Thanx a lot for sharing this news. Keep up the good work.

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