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Hyderabad based startup founded by 3 management graduates has launched an interesting website called Nomorequeue. As the name suggests ‘NO MORE QUEUE’, you don’t have to wait in Q for movie tickets. You can book your tickets online through this website. The service is available in Delhi, Hyderabad and Dehradun.

When I looked at the city list, Dehradun came as a surprise to me. Typically people launch their services in their home city (in this case Hyderabad) and then any of the other metros to see if the idea flies. Dehradun is a strange choice but I am sure they have their reasons.

NomoreQueue is coming from GAP Miners who already have another website to their name. is their first venture. Upto75 is a city specific deal aggregator for retail sales. GAP Miners are trying to mine the gaps in the online space and their first two ventures are trying to do just that.

Are the GAP miners in the right space? Indian movie industry is growing at a rate of 13% annually and the revenues are expected to touch 17,600 crores by 2012. India has the largest movie going population and the tickets are still the cheapest in the world. That is incredible for any industry and GAP Miners see a huge opportunity here.

It’s been a while since I waited in a Q for a movie ticket. For me the waiting time is a killer and feel that the waiting time can be spent somewhere else. Nomorequeue is just that kind of website to save time, so that you don’t spend your time in trivial activities like waiting.

If you are in Delhi, Hyderabad or Dehradun check out Nomorequeue.

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PS: Looking at the web address nomorequeue has a sub-domain for movies ( Does that mean they are trying to avoid Q’s in other spaces as well?

  1. Ankit says

    Valid Point Sim!Thats where i think it is important for businesses to have a blog for their website where they can actually come up with their USP or the ‘differentiator’.
    Startups are alwyas driven by innovation and thats what makes them foray into the market.They should come out in the open and disclose it even if the particular feature is meant to be phased out in future releases.This atleast helps the early users to adopt initially

  2. sim says

    well i think that the number of payment options available is the key for the growth of ecommerce site in india for ex is deftly the best ecommerce site mainly for the numerous payment options available . clearly that is not the case with theese guys (doesnt accept cash cards etc)

    and more importantly on the basic level i really dont see any innovation here , except the fact that they are going to tie with manyyy thatres (700 as you said ) as of now there isnt a single reason i would prefer this one over bookmyshow

  3. Puneeth says

    There was a startup – ZeroQueue – in Bangalore which was trying to solve the same problems. No idea of where they stand now. Its been more than a year since I last heard about them.

  4. Ankit says

    I agree completely Sriram.Competition is always better for the customer.With Startups low in cash but high on passion and dedication,it is always a great battle to survival.
    The ones with a long term plan actually go on to become the success stories.Who would belive twitter,facebook which strtd as a idea/college project would go on to dominate the internet space.

  5. Sriram Vadlamani says

    Though I agree with both Arun and Ankit, I am a little optimistic about the Q. The services are being offered by bookmyshow and pvr cinemas has its own system. There is one system in Bangalore.

    But, the problem with all these is they are still serving a niche. No one is serving all the needs.

    That is where new startups like these look promising. NomoreQueue is planning to tie-up with 700 theatres in the cities. Not just but a few of these startups can actually fill the needs.

    Plus this adds to the competition, which is always a good thing.

  6. Ankit says

    I completely agree with @Arun here.With bookmyshow and i think playmate already in the sector, it is going to be an uphill task for nomoreque guys to make it big.Infact,with most of the multiplexes going in for their own portals to offer ease of ticketing and value added services,this space does not leave too much of a pie for other players.
    But yes,with entertainment industry set to expand like crazy, it will be interesting how things pan out for them

  7. Arun Prabhudesai says

    Hey Sriram… I think even if the opportunity is huge… only big players like bookmyshow can survive. There are instances of startups closing down due to policy changes by there multiplexes leaving them high and dry.
    And there is tough competition as well.
    This is a volume business and you need to really scale it nationwide to ensure it is success…not easy.
    Best of luck to though !

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