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Internet on the bus, courtesy – Google


Euphoria over Google Ocean an addition from Google where you can see what’s on the seabed hasn’t died yet. Google is out with yet another innovation of its own. This innovation is not a software or a new addition to the already feature rich Gmail. It is a bus, equipped with stuff to educate people about Internet.

Real Nice. I like this approach of online and offline from Google. For a software company it makes sense be gung ho on the Internet with innovations in storage or cloud computing. But Google is different. This bus proves it all.

Now, this might be reminiscent of a similar bus launched by Microsoft in China. That bus was equipped with computers and Internet connection for people to work. That was done to deal with traffic jams. That was of course Microsoft’s view of a bus. Google’s bus is to educate the people of Tamil Nadu about the use of Internet.

Red bus, Yellow bus, Volvo Bus and now Internet bus.

The journey starts (started) in Chennai on 03 FEB 2009 and ends on 13 MAR 2009 at the famous Tiruvannamalai. Next stop for the bus is in Vellore tomorrow. Google bus has a website where you can see an animated route map. It has photos, videos and an Orkut community.

Few pictures :



The bottom image is inside of the bus. That is sleeker than any modern day homes. The bus will criss-cross across Tamil Nadu around 40 odd days and educate the people how Internet can be used. Its main focus : Information, Education, Entertainment and Communication.

That pretty much sums up the uses of Internet. It will mainly concentrate on the use of Internet in regional languages. Research says that 19% of people in Tamil Nadu prefer to browse Internet in Tamil.

On a lighter note, Amit Agarwal has a post about : “What do you use Google for?” The results might actually surprise you.

Watch this message from Google Bus :

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